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Aliens Among Us

UFO Alert Story – Fact Or Fiction?

By James Donahue

There has been an interesting and somewhat alarming story making the rounds of Internet circles concerning a joint United States and Chinese naval response to what has been described as an "extremely aggressive and unfriendly" threat by alien ships rising from the ocean depths off the coast of Northern California.

The story is attributed to Gordon Duff, a Marine Vietnam veteran and senior editor of a publication called Veterans Today, thus giving it some degree of credibility. He writes that it came to him from a "reliable source" within military or government circles.

This event, which appears to have occurred quite recently (August, 2012) was not confirmed by the United States military, although Duff wrote that many ships and other craft coming and going from San Francisco and other Northern California ports have observed the Chinese and American naval fleets participating in some kind of combined operation in the Pacific.

Duff wrote: "The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level."

Duff sites rumors that "extraterrestrial craft are operating from underwater bases, advanced US sub-orbital weapons platforms armed with "energy weapons" have been deployed from Vandenburg Air Force Base, and that microscopic sensors are being used to detect things like "dimensional rifts and distortions in time" that may be in some way connected to whatever is going on.

The most disturbing portion of the Duff report, which he suggests come from a brief "classified memo" states that the threat represents a "clear and present danger," and that China was brought in to assist because U.S. Naval forces are presently sitting in the Persian Gulf, and "attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences."

In our search of the web for other confirmation reports all we could find were numerous blog sites that copied the Duff report word-for-word. A few added their own comments. No one offered any information to confirm or deny the report.

There is some information that we do have that suggests there may be some credibility to the story that alien ships are hiding under the seas of the world and have been spotted coming and going from these deep-water bases.

First of all, the reports of UFOs in our skies have been on the increase in recent years and especially in recent months. People are seeing them everywhere. Then we have confirmation from entities like The Abba Father that aliens are visiting Earth and that some of them are concerned about our welfare. Others are not. The Abba Father identifies himself with The Elders, or The Old Ones that once ruled the Earth. Because of the way humanity has mucked up the environment, overpopulated and is consequently rushing headlong toward a threat of mass extinction, the Old Ones are returning to set things right.

It is clear that the world is in a state of radical change, or transition. Archaic religious systems are dying, the people are in revolt against the masters who have held them in a form of enslavement for thousands of years, and there is a battle on for the introduction of green energy systems that will help stop the radical climate change that is occurring before our eyes.

It is clear that humanity is in desperate need of help. If the Jesus return story was a hoax, as most rational thinking humans would agree, then perhaps friendly alien technology is the saving grace we have all been looking for. Could it be that the alien ships in our skies are here to actually save the day? Or are they here to watch the show as we melt and burn?

If the aliens did come to help, why haven’t they shown themselves? The answer to that is quite obvious. If the stories of the discovery of their underwater base and the human Naval military response are true, then it appears our "leaders" are attempting to use the most advanced technology available to blow those ships out of the sky.

Leave it to the military leaders to consider something they do not understand as a "clear and present danger to our national security." Indeed, it may be that, or it may be the thing we have all been looking for . . . a gift from the heavens at our time of desperate need.

As one blog writer so correctly assessed it: "Regarding concrete facts about flying saucers, people want to proceed like cannibals . . . It is clear that the crews of those cosmic ships – who know human savagery very well – are not willing to let themselves be ensnared, since they know very well the fortune that awaits them." He wrote that "the intellectual loafers would make them prisoners" and "the ships would be seized and used for war."