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Manufactured Warfare

Mind Control 6 - Controlled Conflict

By James Donahue

It should be no surprise that conspiracy theories abound in the United States, and perhaps many other parts of the world. Former President George W. Bush and his chronies used this technique so blatantly that a lot of people learned to distrust anything their government tells them.

Controlled conflict involves the creation of a conflict, waiting for public reaction and then stepping in to offer a resolution.

The Iraq war easily fits in this picture. We were told by Mr. Bush and his top advisers that Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein was harboring "weapons of mass destruction," there was strong implication that these weapons included at least a quest to develop an atomic bomb. After alarming the public, the Bush solution was to send in troops to remove Hussein from power. It was among the worst boondoggles the United States has been engulfed in. Hussein did not have such weapons, but we removed him from power, destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure, bombed their cities, and left over 600,000 Iraqi people dead.

Bush used the 9-11 attacks to launch his endless "War On Terror" and blindly used this declaration as an excuse to send troops to invade Afghanistan before he invaded Iraq.

That War on Terror also was used to force through legislation that stripped Americans of many of their constitutional rights. The Patriot Act gave the FBI, CIA and other police agencies the freedom to spy on Americans without court approval. Thwarted bomb attacks on various airliners brought about intense airport screening that includes physical or electronic body searches. Shootings at schools, theaters and other public places now threatens strict gun laws.

The constant media stories about Iran's alleged efforts to develop enriched uranium for the possible development of a nuclear bomb has signaled warnings of an attack by neighboring Israel. Iran also has been accused of supporting terrorism in the Middle East and possibly the United States. It appears that the public is being prepared for a possible new military attack on Iran that may not be justified.

A similar situation appears to be developing in North Korea where a young new leader, Kim Jong Un, has been rattling swords, firing off a newly developed long range missile, and is now threatening to test a nuclear bomb.

Even if Iran or North Korea do produce such weaponry, there is no indication that the leadership intends to use it to attack another nation. North Korea is making such verbal threats, or so we are told, but this appears to be standard behavior in that strange country. Such an attack with a single bomb would be an act of suicide for either country. Israel, Pakistan, Russia and the United States all possess enough atomic weaponry to wipe either country right out of existence. Doing this would probably tip the scales of the world's eco-system and plunge the world into nuclear winter.

Other probable controlled threats occurring this year include the so-called mumps and influenza epidemics and the constant media call for people to get vaccinated. Because new studies have shown that vaccines are relatively ineffective, and are laced with mercury, more and more Americans are refusing to receive the vaccines.

Thanks to the stupidity of President Bush and Dick Cheney, Americans have become so suspicious of their government leadership that the controlled conflict form of mind control has become relatively ineffective. The conspiracy theorists have gone to such extremes that even the Sandy Hook school shootings are being listed in some Internet circles as a CIA plot to take away the people's guns.