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Fear And Warfare

Mind Control 4 - Divide And Conquer

By James Donahue

The strategy behind this form of mind control is quite simple. Liza Vassallo, who prepared the list of 12 mind control techniques, says this involves highlighting perceived differences between people and then expoiting them to create mistrust and infighting. This makes the subjects easy to control. And as the old military strategists add, they also are easy to conquer.

This form of mind control isn't as easy to spot as it is in open warfare. It is accomplished in more subtle ways, largely with the help of biased media reports and twisted government warnings concerning actions by certain "minority groups."

Thus we tend to identify neighbors with different religious and ethnic origins with suspicion. Since 9-11 we have looked upon every Islamic believer in our midst as a potential terrorist. The propaganda has convinced many Americans that migrant Mexican workers are stealing the jobs that corporate bosses sent overseas in search of low cost, non-union labor.

The film and television programming industries have created fictious action stories about American heros fighting off so-called enemies of the state. During wartime the combatants always are distorted characures of the people defined as the enemy.

America has become a nation of people living in fear, not only of manufactured enemies, possible terrorist attacks and loss of jobs, but of one-another. And fear is directly linked to the emotion hate. Fear then is the opposite to love.

The last thing the mind manipulators want us to do is to reach out to one another in love and harmony. The moment we do this, peace occurs and the outside forces have lost their strangle-hold on our necks.

People caught up in this contemporary mind-set are unable to consider changing course and trying to love and trust anyone physically, ethnically or religiously different from us. Yet when the truth is known, there is no difference. We are all one in the eyes of our Creator.