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Can We Believe?

President Reagan And The Alien Connection

By James Donahue

During his time in the White House, President Ronald Reagan frequently commented about the possibility of an invasion by aliens from other worlds.

There is a story that President and Nancy Reagan once had a personal encounter with a UFO prior to his election to the presidency. It happened while they were traveling together in their car while he was serving as governor of California. When they arrived at their destination, Reagan commented on the fact that they had witnessed a UFO but there is little other information recorded.

Having possibly been taken aboard an alien craft as a young man, (and after years of interviewing people who had similar encounters) I believe that anyone who sees a UFO has a high probability of being abducted. I have had at least three such encounters. Few of us have conscious memory of the event except that we recall seeing the ship overhead. Whatever happened to Ronald Reagan that night, however, had a profound effect on the man's thoughts about alien visitors. He seemed obsessed about their presence, and was willing to openly talk about it, even during the years he spent in the White House.

In contrast, both Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter talked about UFOs and the possibility of alien visitations before they went into office, but they remained strangely quiet about the subject while they were holding office. Reagan was the only president to ever speak publicly about the probability of alien invasion.

His obsession with aliens led him to mention the feasibility of alien contact in at least four different speeches. His most startling remark occurred on Sept. 21, 1987, while addressing a full session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond," he said. "I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask: is not an alien force ALREADY among us?"

That the president would make such a statement in a carefully prepared speech before the United Nations suggests that he might have known something the rest of us didn't.

There is an interesting report, once classified as top secret, from Physicist Edward Teller, then involved in the U.S. thermonuclear weapons program and the Strategic Defense Initiative. Teller's memo urged President Reagan to support the development of "advanced technologies for defense against possible invasion" by aliens from other worlds.

In the report, Teller wrote: "As you must be aware, the Defense Department has initiated several space defense programs of vast proportions and at great expense. But there is a new and alarming development of which I am compelled to inform you of. A menace greater than the nuclear arms race exists. It does not originate here on earth but comes from space itself. The agent of mass destruction has no reasoning psychology other than the ultimate destruction of our civilization and our way of life as we know it."

Teller did not elaborate about this threat, but his memo suggests that the Russian government also was well aware of it, and was also spending money developing a defense program against possible invasion from other worlds. It suggests that the awareness by both super powers of a common enemy from space might have been the reason for the sudden end to the Cold War during the Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbechov era.

There also is a strange story that President Reagan, because of his interest in Bible prophecy, ordered a top-secret expedition into the Middle East to find and capture the four angels of the apocalypse. He reportedly had information that these angels, or alien creatures, were buried in underground vaults along the Euphrates River, waiting for the time when they were to be unleashed. Their purpose was to launch the great tribulation revealed in the Book of the Revelation.

The living creatures were reportedly captured and brought to the infamous Area 51 testing ground at Groom Lake in the Nevada desert. Mr. Reagan's purpose apparently was to try to prevent the apocalypse from occurring.

Once the military had these alien creatures in custody, however, DNA experimentation went on. It is believed by many conspiracy buffs that the military was involved in the reverse engineering of crashed UFOs in an attempt to develop superior flying machines that could outmaneuver anything in the sky. The problem with these alien ships was that they were designed to move at such high speeds they could change dimensions and travel through time. The human body could not tolerate the extreme conditions established in these ships.

It was said that the machines could fly faster than the speed of light, pass through solid objects and travel back in time. When they reached such speeds, the bodies of the test pilots exploded into millions of particles.

To solve this problem the military attempted to cross human DNA with the DNA of the angelic beings. They wanted to create a super human that could fly these craft. For obvious reasons, the military wanted to send people through time.

The experiment was somewhat successful, but a failure all the same. A genetic mutation was developed, but only the females survived. The males died as children, before they reached puberty. Thus the new creature could not reproduce and survive as a species.

Not only do some of the surviving mutant women still live under guard and in a secret underground bunker somewhere under or near Area 51, but the four apocalyptic angels are living there too. They are prisoners of the U. S. military. Or so the story is told.

Those who read this column regularly know that it is my belief that alien contact has been a common occurrence throughout recorded human history. I even think it possible that we humans all come from various alien origins, thus accounting for the many races, skin colors, body shapes, ethnic and even language variations. While we are all human, our races are uniquely different in many subtle ways.

That we are being visited now by hundreds of strange flying ships, or UFO's, is an indication that alien groups may be here to watch the final agony of our dying planet. My wife, who communicates with The Abba Father, has confirmed that the aliens are among us, they are watching us, but they have no interest in helping us solve our problems. They also are not interested in either saving or attacking us.

Most aliens come from parallel or multi-dimensional universes and they cannot stay in this three-dimensional environment for long periods of time. Nor can they abduct humans and carry us successfully into their worlds. 

Even if these visitors want to take over the planet they know they don’t have to do anything more than watch. We are doing a very good job of self-destruction on our own and without their help.