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Energy Suckers

Vampires Are Real But They Aren't What You Think

By James Donahue 

There is a bizarre story in Bogota, Columbia, about gangs of human vampires that are mugging people at gunpoint for their blood. The story said the gangs force their victims to bare their necks, then pierce their veins with a razor and take turns drinking the blood.

This is an extreme form of a vampirism that has existed among the youth culture for a number of years. That anyone would want to literally drink the blood of a stranger and take the chance of contracting AIDS, hepatitis or the other deadly diseases sweeping the planet is difficult for me to understand.

After Irish author Bram Stoker created the character of Dracula in a novel by that name at about the turn of the century, the motion picture industry began producing successful films about blood-sucking monsters that live in coffins by day and fly around, sucking blood from humans by night. The first "Dracula" film was produced by Todd Browning in 1931. Since then, the vampire theme has remained a popular legend for movie fans all over the world.

The phenomenon of youth groups, imbibed by the concept of dressing in black and roaming the night streets has evolved as part of that Hollywood Dracula legend. That the movie producers have turned the bite of a loathsome vampire into a twisted form of sexual experience has somehow appealed to many followers. That some groups would go so far as to attack humans and drink their blood, is a frightening new twist that indicates a society going mad.

Those with an understanding of esoteric things know that a form of vampirism has always existed, although it has nothing to do with the physical drinking of human blood. Instead, the true vampire steals money, the human spirit, and the natural electrical energies of his or her victims.

Sometimes, I wonder if vampires always understand what they are doing to the people around them. I think we all have experienced the way contact with certain people makes us mentally and physically drained by the time we part. This person has literally stolen our energy and left us so exhausted, we feel like lying down for a nap.

My wife and I became acutely aware of vampire energies when we lived in Sedona, Arizona, in 1996. Sedona, for those who do not know, is an amazing place filled with natural Earth energies that are still regarded as sacred by the Native Americans. The city, nestled amidst magnificent red rock formations along Oak Creek Canyon, not far from Flagstaff, was at that time a haven for New-Agers, UFO enthusiasts, and other interesting characters. It also was a drawing card for pseudo-psychics, witches, magicians and vampires.

They were fun to be around, but there was a price to pay. Every time we left the house to buy groceries, go to the bank, or tend to our other daily chores, we were targets for vampire attack. It was not uncommon for us to return from a trip to the grocery store and go right to bed.

After a while, we developed an understanding of what was happening to us. To resist the vampire, we learned that we needed to ground ourselves to the planet. Even though it was a mere thought, the grounding seemed to make us immune to the vampire's sting.

Grounding for us was imagining a long tube reaching down from the sky, passing through the core of our bodies and extending deep into the center of the planet. Because the mind is a powerful instrument, the simple act of maintaining this thought while in crowds, seemed to drive an iron stake from the bottom of our feet into the Earth. This is the same way a building's electric current is grounded to prevent fire or other damage in the event of an electrical short. As long as we remained mentally grounded, the energy suckers around us had no effect on us.

I think there are other ways get grounded. This is the technique we used.

The late Robert Monroe, who developed Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync), a way of using sound frequencies to stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, had another unique way of warding off unwanted energies. In his tapes, which teach students how to go into different mental states and eventually leave the body, he offers the "energy balloon."

To form an energy balloon, Monroe tells his students to imagine the natural electrical currents of energy flowing all around their bodies. Then, with this image in mind, he asks the students to send the energy outward in all directions, forming a protective balloon of personal energy. By doing this, Monroe believed a person could leave the body protected while exploring the astral, without fear that the vacant body would be accidentally inhabited by wayward beings.

That is yet another form of vampirism; the theft of bodies by other life forms. The Catholic Church calls it "possession," which is exactly what it is. I believe many humans can share their bodies with demonic or even angelic beings and be possessed, or influenced by their co-hosts, without knowing it. When it happens, this may appear as a form of insanity.

My point to all of this is that vampires really exist. They have been around us for thousands of years . . . probably since the beginning of human history. Most human vampires know exactly what they are doing when they steal energy, or inhabit the mind to coax money or objects from our possession. I once had a man convince me that I should give him a rare rifle that I planned to give to my son. He did it by getting in my head. I didn't realize what he had done to me until it was too late, and both the man and my rifle were gone.

There is another side to this coin. Once you understand how the forces work, you understand that vampires are just humans who know how to use natural mental powers to take what they want from others. The danger in this knowledge is that you also know that you, too, have the capability of being a vampire.

The trick behind possessing such knowledge is in understanding how to control it. While I, too, now know how to drain another person's energy, I rarely ever do it.

But there have been times when a particularly obnoxious individual crosses my path. If these characters linger too long in my presence, I sometimes enjoy sending him/her home tired.

Stealing a little juice in the afternoon is better than a strong cup of coffee, without the caffeine.