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Beyond The Veil

Do Portals To The Spirit Realm Exist?

By James Donahue

The word portal means a large gate or entrance to something. In the occult world we think of a portal as an entrance or opening between the limited third-dimensional world of our human existence, and a secret spiritual realm hidden from our daily view by a veil, or inability to see.

Some occultists believe there is special energy found in portals and that just standing within a portal or even living near one empowers us spiritually.

Human spirituality involves following a path, or choosing a way of life and mediation so that we can not only find this gate, but pass through it and learn the secrets beyond.

In ancient times and even within aboriginal tribes still existing today, people depended on shaman, medicine men or wizards to lead them through the portal. These miracle workers use various hallucinogenic plants of the earth to switch on the right side of the bicameral brain and temporarily open the third eye. When this happens, people have visions of the other side.

Unfortunately, when the effects of the drug wear off, the user is thrust back into the mundane world once more, bound by the rules of three-dimensional reality, clocks, sound and gravity. But there is always that nagging memory of something wonderful, something comfortable on the other side. It is a memory of who we really are. It is a memory of where we came from before we arrived on this planet and began the occupation of these bodies.

If we had remained on that original path, following the trail of shamanism and Gnosticism, human evolution might have proceeded on target. But dark intervention occurred. These were forces still not clearly identified to us, but their objective was to keep us in a confused and enslaved state, always working for the master. We were introduced to the concept of an external god and eventually forgot the light within.

Even the religions possess books filled with references to the spiritual realm around us, and suggest that a gate between our world and that one exists. The Bible, however, is filled with warnings that "believers" are not to communicate with spirits because they represent Satanic spirits attempting to lure us into an evil web of wickedness and the eventual loss of our soul.

The scriptures also speak of the angelic realm, and make it clear that we are under the daily guidance of the angels who are portrayed to us as something good . . . a gift from God to help us through our daily lives. This is widely accepted by a broad spectrum of religious believers today. This may or may not be true. Angels, demons and numerous other forces appear to be operating around us but their roles in relation to our existence is not always clear.

Based on the scriptures, however, we can put forth the argument that an intelligent, functioning and dynamic system of life exists beyond or behind mythology. We also can argue that these beings can enter our world, either at their choosing or by our invitation, through some kind of gateway.

We may then assume that if such a portal exists from their world to ours, it may also be assessable from our world to theirs. The question then: how to we do it?

Ironically the tools for getting there exist all around us, and right at our feet. But because of the heavy dark influence that has infiltrated our government and directed the writing of our laws, we have foolishly made it illegal and punishable by imprisonment if we attempt to use these tools.

I am talking about the natural elements of the Earth, marijuana, cocoa, the poppy, peyote, and a variety of other lesser known fungi and grasses that contain elements designed to kick the brain into fast track and open that third eye.

Why would so many natural plants exist on the Earth? Some say they were placed here specifrically to help us evolve. However they got here the dark forces that have carefully integrated our minds and blocked our mental and spiritual evolution for over 3,000 years, have made darned sure we use these drugs at our own risk.

Prisons in the United States are currently filled to capacity, mostly by people who were involved in the production and sale of these drugs for personal financial gain. There has been a demand for the drugs, not so much for spiritual reasons but because they make the users temporarily feel good in the midst of a dark and foreboding world. That this "good" feeling might in some way be connected to a few quick glimpses of our spiritual roots does not seem to occur to the masses. But it sure bothers the power figures who want to make us fear any effort to explore the unknown and get a peak beyond the veil.

What a lot of people do not realize is that we have a memory of our home beyond the veil. We came into this world as volunteers, assigned with purpose to do all we could to awaken the sleeping humanity and try to get us to collectively elevate ourselves into the god-state we were meant to have and enjoy. Should we accomplish this, we would no longer need to seek the mushrooms, plants and other tools of the earth to reach this high spiritual mental state.

Collectively, we can fall into the rapture of the real music of the heavens and find the portal we have always sought. Once the veil is lifted, we might experience a sublime existence. The gate will be swung wide open. But there is much work to be done if we are to ever reach this state.