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It Isn't Fixed

The Gulf Oil Leak Lie

By James Donahue

I don’t watch much public television, but when I do, and find myself bearing those long runs of back-to-back advertisements, I can’t help noticing that a British Petroleum propaganda pitch is usually always among them.

They are slick promotions, featuring normal looking "everyday folk" who appear to be having a grand time swimming, fishing, lying on the beaches and eating seafood in the restaurants from Florida west to Texas. "Come on down," they shout. The implication is that British Petroleum has spent billions cleaning up the mess created by the terrible explosion and crude oil leak from a rented drilling pipe that flowed wild for three months in 2010. An estimated 210 billion gallons of crude oil spilled out into gulf waters before the well head was allegedly capped.

In the midst of the disaster, BP made aerial applications of Corexit, a chemical dispersant that we were told was designed to break down the crude oil and speed up its natural degrading. Instead of helping, however, it was found that the Corexit made the oil clot up in tar balls that sank to the bottom. Many of them washed up on the beaches.

In spite of what the company is telling everybody in those costly ads that appear almost every hour on every television station in the nation, the oil is still down there. The sea life is dying or coming up deformed and sick. And people should not be eating it.

I spoke with a person who flew over the gulf on a recent plane trip to Miami, Florida, who said she was shocked that that the surface of the water was covered in an oily sheen as far as she could see. She said she had the distinct impression that the oil leak was still occurring and that the Gulf of Mexico was a dead or dying body of water.

Indeed, many other people flying or traveling by boats over the gulf waters are reporting the same thing. They see massive oil slicks, especially at the site of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Oil sheen trails are being observed in the wake of fishing boats. The wetlands marsh grass along the coast remains oil soaked and dying. A research team in 2011 found the oil lying at the bottom of the seafloor and it was not degrading.

CBS News recently reported that researchers for BP were engaged in a secret subsea mission, under the supervision of the Coast Guard, to determine if the "capped" well heat was, indeed, still leaking crude oil. The team reported that the well head was sealed but the new sightings of crude oil were caused by excess oil escaping from the wreckage of the oil rig that collapsed after the explosion, and also oil that was trapped in a containment dome.

Can we believe this latest story? After all, British Petroleum and the subcontractor that was found responsible for improperly cementing the well head and causing the disaster, Haliburton Company, have both been profiting from doing business with the U.S. government. Can we expect these two giant companies to be sincerely honest with the public when reporting all that is going on in the gulf?

Democratic Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts, who helped lead the original investigation after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, has his doubt. He said the company is not turning over videos and information requested by Congress concerning the latest investigation. "My concern is that substantial amounts of oil could still be leaking from the wreckage," he said. Markey accused BP of the same stonewalling behavior that occurred in 2010.

BP has spent about $18 billion on cleanup and paying victims, and paid a fine of $4.5 billion to settle criminal charges. The money is estimated to be nothing more than a slap on the wrist to an oil giant that announced a $25.7 billion profit in 2011, in spite of the disaster. The BP fine was said to be the largest ever brought against a single company by the US government.

Action against Transocean Ltd., owner of the oil drilling platform, and Halliburton remains "unresolved" as of this date.

The Abba Father, an entity that communicates with us from beyond the veil, gave this startling statement about the disaster in 2010, even while attempts to cap the wellhead were still being made. He said: "Strange waters are not clearing. They are not living anymore. Deadly black that lingers stops all life there, never to return."

Our advice, do not believe the BP propaganda. Do not swim in the gulf waters. Do not eat the seafood caught there. The disaster that began with that well explosion is still going on. A large area of the Gulf of Mexico is a dead zone and it may remain so for a very long time.