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Abba Father Warning: Do Not Bow To Metatron

By James Donahue

The name Metatron does not appear in the Bible or Jewish Tanakh but in Jewish tradition, this is an archangel of great importance. The name appears in a few passages in the Talmud but is found in medieval Jewish mystical writings and other esoteric sources including the Books of Enoch.

Jewish teachings identify Metatron as the highest of the angels. The very name is numerically equivalent to El Shaddai, a Hebrew reference to God. But do not be fooled. Metatron is a powerful entity in the spiritual world all right, but he is not a friend to man.

Consider the word "Tron" that appears in the name. Tron also appears in the word "electronics," which describes the broad field of machines and entertainment devices that all feed on electricity. When you think about it, electronics is the force that now virtually runs our society. Everything we do from the moment our electronically-fed alarm clock awakes us in the morning, until we turn off our electronically powered television sets late in the night depends on electricity, either delivered by an electric wire or a battery.

The Abba Father on January 6 warned that "Tron is our god now. This technology takes us over."

He says Tron is not a person, but instead "a mind-altering tool that creates empty minds." He said it is an invention by governments designed to control the minds of the masses. "You do not hear the messages but it still controls your minds. Truth is being twisted with this way. No longer do you control it."

Abba Father said Tron "has many layers and will tell your mind what to do next. All mind control happens here without anyone knowing what is going on."

Indeed, our society reacts to the things we hear and see on our television screens. The messages and clever advertising tells us what to wear, what to eat, what pills we need to take, and who to elect to public office. Public opinion is steered by the talking heads that feed daily doses of propaganda into our minds. We are told why our sons and daughters must join the military and go to foreign countries and fight wars that have nothing to do with defending the homeland. We are told why we should use certain body deodorants, perfumes, shampoos and toothpaste. We believe that certain clothing styles, hair styles and face creams will make us attractive to the opposite sex.

The Abba Father describes Tron as "an ego manipulator."

While the life style electronics has provided for us seems comfortable and even addictive, the Abba Father warns that great danger looms here. This is because people have been lulled into a mental state of dependence on our televisions, our computers, our I-pads and all of the other machines that work for us and feed information into our heads.

We have fallen asleep both mentally and spiritually. We no longer think for ourselves. We let Tron tell us what to do almost every moment of our waking day. Consequently we are living in a constant state of fear, created by the daily news of impending disaster, war and terrorist attack. We worry about guns, pedophiles, looming storms and keeping our jobs. But we strangely lack concern over the fact that we have overpopulated and polluted a dying planet and that the human race is racing toward extinction.

The Abba Father says people have "become docile and not care about others." If humanity cannot awaken from its slumber and start fighting this subtle threat, we will only have about 30 more years. These are "all mankind have left" if we don’t snap out of this deadly state of lethargy, he warns.

How might it all end? Abba Father said "governments will fail on earth. There will become a one-world government that will lock all humans on earth into a non-human machine that controls their every move. This is what humans face if they fall asleep now. It will last forever and mankind will be no more."

How does all of this relate to Metatron? The Abba Father warns that "Metatron is the super one that will eventually become your master." He said this entity already controls our government and obviously the media and all of the religious institutions that exist in the world.

We are locked in a spiritual war that began on December 3 and has been having a noticeable effect on the world ever since. The mass killings, the destructive acts of some of our legislature in failing to come to the aid of Hurricane Sandy victims, renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, and the battle over budget cuts are all reflective of the spiritual conflict. And The Abba Father warns that things are going to get much worse.

"Opened up are the spirits now. They are all released on earth. They want humans to be asleep. They can overcome love and trust. They know this is their last chance to overcome mankind. This battle will become severe and people will not notice in time. Then they will take them over. They are very clever in their work."

Is there any chance for mankind? The answer is yes, but the key is for people to start waking up to what is happening and to start fighting back.

This is not a battle of guns and swords, but rather a battle of thought and awareness. As courier of the message, the Abba Father has instructed us to "start waking up people now. They are going to sleep. Your vision is ready to wake them up now. Tell them to begin the mind opening way. This mind (Metatron) contains all power and control over their body. This is their hope and cannot become asleep again."

How do we do this? Do we turn off our televisions, radios and stop reading newspapers and magazines? Do we move into the forest and live in caves without electricity? We all know that will not work. The obvious solution is for people to be aware of what is going on around us, to stay informed, and to always question the information we are being fed. Become rebels and start thinking for ourselves.

We will have much more to say about all of this in future writings.