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Common Threads

A Case Of Eerie Synchronicities

By Donna Pryce

A bizarre twist of fate united a Kingshurst woman and a Canadian man who discovered they had an eerie amount of things in common.

Although they live thousands of miles apart, both have lived in the same house in Kingshurst. But the similarities do not end there.

They also discovered a shared interest in a local pub, Alsatian dogs and much more besides.

While surfing the net Janet Pulley's daughter, Kelly Mokes from Acacia Avenue, Kingshurst, came across a message posted on the Friends Reunited website by Eric Linnell from Canada.

Linnell was appealing for anybody who attended Kingshurst High School to make contact for a reunion.

Kelly aged 25, a former pupil of the school replied to inform him it had changed its name to the City Technology College.

The plot thickened when Mr Linnell revealed he once lived at her family home.

The 58-year-old, was born in Canada but raised in England. At the age of 18 he returned to Canada and now lives in a town called Seventy Mile House.

Linnell has five daughters and visited Birmingham for a reunion with old pals. During his stay he visited his old home where a series of similarities connected him and Pulley.

Pulley said: "I thought what a coincidence, I was living in a house he spent his childhood.

"But when he told me he used to drink in a pub called the Farthings, where I am a barmaid, and said he had buried an Alsatian dog in my garden and so had my daughter years ago, hairs on my back started to stand on end."

Mrs Pulley said she started to wonder if her house was haunted, because she had so much in common with Linnell.

Mr Linnell, a retired engineer said it was a "phenome-nal experience".

"It is just unreal, out of this world," he added.