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Oh The Insanity!

Modern Psychology; The Attack On Our Brains

By James Donahue

"Me thinks the whole world is crazy except me and thee; and sometimes I wonder about thee." – Old Quaker saying.

All of the talk about getting improved psychiatric help for "disturbed" people like Adam Lanzer, the man who caused the latest massacre of a school near Sandy Hook, is pushing the American mindset into dangerous territory. If the field of psychology ever had any merit, it has been buried under contemporary drives by big business and certain branches of our government to control the minds of the masses and make a lot of money doing it.

The recent disclosure that a new DSM-5 "psychiatry bible" that is expected to be released soon, lists normal human emotions like sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience and excitement as forms of mental disorder suggests that the industry is using every extreme trick in the book to force chemical "treatments" in as many people as possible.

The latest thought . . . not yet included in the "bible," is that consentual sexual activity may also be considered a mental disorder. People who think too much about sex, and are inclined to have consentual sex with various partners, or want "too much" sex, also may be insane. Oh really?

A report by writer Gary Null notes that as many as 3.8 million school children, mostly boys, are currently diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and at least a million children are taking Ritalin, an amphetamine-type brain-altering pharmaceutical. Null wrote that even preschoolers, aged 2 to 4, are being dosed with psychotropics.

Null warned that both "the medical and educational establishments are conducting a skyrocketing campaign to get kids, and their parents, to ‘just say yes’ to these brain-altering pharmaceuticals, with the drug of choice being Ritalin."

New York Magazine reports that Lanza, who was diagnosed as suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, was prescribed the controversial anti-psychotic medicine Fanapt, known to cause aggressive behavior in patients who took it.

Thus we are faced with the sickening thought that it was the psychological and drug industry, working in concert that triggered Lanza to do the unthinkable things he did that fateful day in Newtown.

A recent commentary by writer Jon Rappoport for World Press attacks the entire field of psychiatry as a faked science and claims that there is no such thing as true mental illness.

"It’s fiction," Rappoport writes. "It’s a billion-dollar fiction. It’s a gigantic steaming pile of bullshit. Always has been. There is not a single diagnostic test for any so-called mental disorder. Never has been. No blood test, no urine test, no saliva test, no brain scan, no genetic test. No science."

Rappoport goes on: "The government gives psychiatry its fake legitimacy. That’s how the game works. The government blesses the medical licensing boards that award psychiatrists permission to drug your children, alter their brains, poison them, and of course make all the fake diagnoses in the first place. Media, naturally, go along with the psychiatric hoax. Thousands of articles keep coming out of the hopper to support the authoritative pronouncements of these deranged monsters with medical degrees and ‘training’ in diagnosing mental illnesses."

So we all know individuals that appear disturbed, unable to cope with their surroundings, suffer from severe depression and do such insane things as shoot people around them or commit suicide. Are they not suffering from some kind of mental disorder? Would a well-trained psychiatrist not be able to help them? And what about the known psychotics that make life miserable for everyone around them?

Rappoport seems to cover all of the bases in his article. He wrote: "There are people with problems, there are people who suffer, there are people who are in desperate circumstances, there are people who have severe nutritional deficiencies, there are people who have been poisoned by various chemicals, there are people who have been abused and ignored, there are people who have been told there is something wrong with them, there are people who are different and can’t deal with the conforming androids in their midst, but there are no mental disorders."

When I was in college I studied sociology. The sociologists believe the society, our surroundings, and the events that occur especially during the early years of our lives, shape our personalities. They label it learned behavior. That may be mostly true, but I also believe the genetic makeup we inherit from our ancestors also plays a role in who we become in life.

I had a roommate in college named Bill who had an extremely high IQ, and consequently had difficulty "conforming" with the "androids" in his midst. He studied both sociology and psychology. I always thought Bill’s interest in psychology was an attempt to understand himself and discover why he was different. I personally liked Bill because he was so different from the norm. His genius made it possible for him to make all of the strange things he said and did both funny and entertaining. I never perceived him as crazy.

Apparently my opinion was not shared by others. After college Bill was committed to a state facility for the treatment of the insane, and a year or two after he was released, I was a pall-bearer at his funeral. He drove his car into a utility pole. I always thought it was a suicide. So was Bill insane, or was he a victim of a fake industry that convinced him that he was crazy?

I distinctly remember that during our evening chats, usually over a cold beer at the local tavern, Bill would make comparisons between the fields of sociology and psychology and tell me how he believed psychologists were on the wrong track. He saw no value in what we were being told was a science.

Over the years during my work as a newspaper reporter, I have covered strange stories surrounding county Community Mental Health clinics in Michigan. There were stories about psychologists who were fired after being caught parading in public places in the nude, pilfering money from the patients they treated, or working under false credentials. I came to the conclusion that if there were crazy people in that agency, they were probably the people working there. All of the "patients" I saw at that facility were the mentally impaired. But they were not insane.