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Into The Paranormal

Our Changing Reality

By James Donahue

A brilliant essay by researcher Winston Wu, rebutting skeptical arguments against the paranormal, reflects a growing awareness among members of the scientific community that there is something more occurring with the human experience than was once thought.

Columnist and radio personality Whitley Stieber once noted that Wu's work "deserves extensive study" because it "carefully moves through the entire skeptical lexicon of arguments, rebutting each in turn."

The Wu essay, Strieber wrote, expresses "a growing concern that the present skeptical leadership is drifting into the fallacy of rejecting all evidence that is not explained by current scientific models." He said this is "particularly worrisome now that a radical new model of reality appears to be emerging."

This is the stuff the old science fiction writers may have once dreamed.

Rather than being objective in their analysis of the data surrounding paranormal events, the skeptics seem to have formed "a superstition that has the effect of filtering out data if it cannot be explained by accepted scientific theory," Strieber said.

He suggests that the skeptical paradigm has gone so far as to assume the appearance of a religion, and fails to conform to the ideals of scientific objectivity.

How refreshing it is to find writers by Winston Wu receiving this kind of recognition and praise for their work. To read his paper to go to:

I am enough of a realist to know that it is only a matter of time before this free exchange of ideas and information will be blocked, we are fortunate to be living in this last brief moment of awakening. It is a time when human consciousness has a last-ditch chance to emerge from the yoke of a tunnel reality established at least a century ago, when people bought the premise that science would solve all of the problems of the world.

But even Einstein did not foresee the complexities of quantum physics, which brings forth contemporary probabilities of time travel, parallel universes, energy from antimatter and human teleportation from one point to another.

But the brave new world we face is already promising to be even stranger than most people dared to dream. We can foresee an evolved human, perhaps a human soul attached to a cyborg body and computerized brain. We receive our energy from the Sun and Earth, communicate through mental telepathy, and move mountains by mere thought. It could be a world of magic and wonder.

Such a world is not only possible, it may be necessary if we expect to survive the planet changes that loom. Our wanton destruction of Eden, that perfect world with a balanced ecology that provided warmth, food, water and a perfect environment for propagation of the species, is already causing alarm. Many of us may live to see a time when billions perish and survivors are forced to live underground just to escape the destructive rays of an angry sun.

Those who emerge to live on the surface of our planet must be changed if they expect to stay alive. This means either a natural form of evolution or the creation of a new and stronger type of body that will stand up under a constant assault from the sun, radical weather and a radiated soil that will not produce food.

That people are currently waking to natural psychic abilities is frightening organized religion, which is quickly being exposed as the enslaving scam it has always been. Thus the wars are not going to be just between people of various belief systems, but against the psychics who expose graft and fraud, communicate with aliens, speak with the dead, and grieve over the agony of our dying planet.

Yet science, using the natural rules established for proper scientific evaluation, cannot explain the woman who speaks to the dead on an ouiji board, the magician who uses his mind and natural Earth energies to move objects, alter events and change the weather, or the remote viewer who draws pictures of secret things with perfect accuracy.

That it might be possible to travel into the past and alter specific events, thus changing the tragic course of history, is not impossible to imagine.

Thus the predictions of a dying world, the destruction of billions of humans, and the great apocalyptic wars, may not happen at all. It is possible that our future is much different than anyone now imagines.

I believe the secret is in shedding what the late contemporary author Robert Anton Wilson so aptly called our "tunnel realities," and then learning to open our magical third eye so that we might see the whole picture.

The magic is possible. But alas, the probability that enough of us will awaken in time, however, is almost non-existent. We march in lock step behind blind leaders, not realizing that they are lemmings.