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Haitian Quake A Man-Made Disaster

By James Donahue

While it can be argued that earthquakes are “acts of God,” there was something strangely convenient about the timing of the quake that leveled Port Au Prince and the surrounding area in Haiti this week.

All of the American news networks jumped into lock step, devoting almost 100 percent coverage of the disaster and the world relief effort to save as many lives as possible. Nations from around the world are now rushing to bring badly needed aide to an island nation that has been so poverty stricken for so long, it was a disaster scene long before the quake leveled the dilapidated buildings that housed an estimated 2 to 3 million people.

Conveniently the media’s attention was diverted from the opening day of hearings by a congressionally mandated 10-member banking investigation commission that seeks to get to the truth behind the housing and economic crisis that has crippled U.S. and world economies since the final months of the Bush Administration in 2008.

At stake is a movement by the Obama Administration for major banking reform and tougher regulations, strongly opposed by the banking institutions that are lobbying hard for legislators to allow business as usual. The American people and especially the news media should be directing a lot of attention to these hearings.

While more than 25 million Americans remain unemployed or underemployed and more than two million families have lost their homes, with many of them living on the street, and the nation’s coffers now trillions of dollars in the red, the media attention is focused on a Haitian disaster that some say may have claimed up to 100,000 lives and threatens thousands more.

American media attention also has been diverted from a key Senate election coming up on Tuesday, Jan. 19 in Massachusetts where State Attorney-General Martha Coakley is fighting hard to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and allow the Democrats to retain that important 60-member control of the Senate. Polls show that Coakley is running neck-to-neck against the Republican candidate, State Senator Scott Brown.

If Brown wins that seat, the Obama Administration’s efforts to bring about key reform programs, including the long-fought Health Care Bill, may go down in flames. By regaining that one senate seat the Republicans may have the power to put the Obama Administration in sustained gridlock for the next two years. The American people and the media should be paying close attention to this event.

While we cannot question the magnitude of the disaster in Haiti, and the great efforts to rush to the aid of the Haitian people and share in the grief expressed over what has happened, we question the timing of such a major disaster and why it is drawing around-the-clock media attention. As we watch the news reports from hour to hour and from day to day, we notice that very little new information has been gleaned. Certainly there would be time to report other major news stories of critical importance to the American people, many of whom suffer from a disaster of their own that grows worse with each passing week.

Are we somehow being manipulated by these goings on? Can this be construed as a conspiracy? Some are asking on various Internet blogs, and they make some interesting points.

Indeed, the blog site “Ahrcanum secret secrets” has posted a report that the US Air Force’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Alaska was operating on Jan. 12, the day of the earthquake. While the HAARP program has been cloaked in secrecy, research and publications by such investigators as Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning strongly suggest that the giant layout of towers, wiring and electronic radio equipment is a powerful weapon that can be used in a variety of ways that can have a powerful impact on our planet, the weather and even our minds .

The HAARP apparatus is a super antenna that beams powerful radiowaves into the ionosphere. These electromagnetic waves bounce back to earth and penetrate everything, passing through the planet. Some are suggesting that they are capable of causing earthquakes.

We noticed a strange coincidence some years ago when major hurricanes appeared heading right for the East Coast of the United States unexpectedly dissipated and were reduced to tropical storms or less by the time they hit the mainland. It happened more than once that season. We also noticed that each time a storm like that was diverted, a major earthquake occurred in Italy or somewhere else on the other side of the world. Was that all caused by experiments with HAARP?

Does our government now have the technology to cause an earthquake at specific targeted areas of the world? Was HAARP used to sacrifice the people of Haiti for political reasons?

Noted journalist and author Benjamin Filford, who has perpetuated numerous conspiracy theories, claimed in 2009 that the US is using HAARP to alter the climate and induce earthquakes in various parts of the world.

Filford says there is a complex web of global financial control under the hands of the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s that is steering the world toward a New World Order. What he is suggesting is that world banking interests may be utilizing this advanced technology to achieve a secret agenda.

During last month’s meeting of world leaders at Copenhagen to try to hammer out an agreement for cutting carbon emissions and putting the brakes on climate change, it was revealed that the Optimum Population Trust of England is proposing that a major reduction in the world’s population would be the best and least costly way to resolve the crisis.

The Rothschild financial empire is centered in Europe and England.

Was the Haitian quake the first of a series of controlled disasters designed to carry out such a bloody goal? The proposals introduced at Copenhagen called for nations to voluntarily follow China’s example and limit families to no more than one or possibly two children, and to globally promote birth control.

But there have been obstacles, mostly from the Roman Catholic Church, to such a plan. The Vatican, which controls a large portion of the world’s population, declares the use of birth control a sin and urges Catholic families to follow God’s command in Genesis to “multiply” and habit the earth. Indeed, the Catholics have done a very good job of it.

People who understand the history of Haiti say one of the reasons Port Au Prince is such an overcrowded and poverty-stricken seaport is because about 80 percent of the people are Catholic, they have never been taught about birth control, and most of the population is grossly illiterate.

First established as a French colony under the name Saint-Domingue on the western portion of the island of Hispaniola in the Seventeenth Century, black slaves were imported to help in the production of tobacco, cotton, indigo and cacao. Later sugar and coffee became major export crops.

The little island nation of Haiti was formed after it gained its independence during Napoleon’s reign in 1804, but there was constant unrest as slaves fought their masters in quests for freedom. Haiti also remained under dictatorial or military rule until September, 1994, when President Bill Clinton sent a negotiating team headed by former President Jimmy Carter there, backed by U.S. troops, to persuade the government to step aside and open the door for constitutional rule.

Historian Carl Lindskoog, in an article published in Alternet, accused big business interests in the United States of capitalizing on the illiterate and poverty-stricken people of Haiti. He said they worked closely with Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the last dictator of Haiti, to exploit the people as low-income laborers within “a robust, export-oriented manufacturing sector.

“This small, poor country situated conveniently close to the United States was instructed to abandon its agricultural past” and turn to the cities to work in low-paying jobs in American owned and operated sweat shops. Duvalier and his government people were told this would be the way toward modernization and economic development, Lindskoog wrote.

“From the standpoint of the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Haiti was the perfect candidate for this neoliberal facelift,” he continued. “Not only were Haiti’s cities to become exporting bases but so was the countryside.”

Lindskoog wrote that Haitian agriculture was changed into an “agro-processing facility” that stripped local farmers of their livelihood. This forced people to move into the cities in search of jobs. But there weren’t enough jobs to go around. Consequently the cities were turned into slums.

For lack of housing, the peasants erected cheap structures, stacking buildings on top of each other. All of these poorly constructed buildings collapsed in the quake.

The earthquake was no surprise to geologists who have been measuring a seismic pressure buildup along the Enriquillo Fault Line that runs from Jamaica east through Port-au-Prince. They have been predicting a major quake in that area for several years.

If you connect all of the dots, there is clear evidence that the disaster in Haiti is the result of gross abuses of power by big business interests, the church and past dictatorships that have been allowed to continue for hundreds of years. And if sophisticated technology was really used to trip the 7.0 scale quake as an attack on the world’s overpopulation problem, it was a heinous act revealing how far some humans will go to acquire more wealth and power than they already enjoy.