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Something Is Happening To The Earth’s Magnetic Field

By James Donahue

Would-be prophets, some archaeologists and even theologians are suggesting that the myth of an apocalyptic event in 2012, the time the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt end, may be caused by a natural calamity like a sudden shift of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

Indeed, there is something strange going on at the poles, and there have been some unusual changes recorded in the planet’s magnetic field, but it is not what one might expect. Scientists have discovered that the strength of the magnetic field is weakening dramatically and they do not understand why.

They also have determined there is a constant shifting of true north which they theorize is caused by the fact that the Earth is not perfectly round and the planet has a natural wobble as it spins. There is a theory that the core of the Earth is a giant mass of molten iron which also is spinning, but not always in the same direction the planet spins. They suggest that this may be the cause of the changing magnetic north.

It is the decrease in the strength of the magnetic field that is the greater concern. The good news is that the decline has been so gradual that it is not noticed. But at the time of the dinosaurs, scientists estimate that the magnetic field was about 80 percent stronger than it is now.

This has raised speculation that it was the strong magnetism that produced such massive life forms that existed during that period. The last of the giant beasts, the elephant and whale for example, do not compare to the size of the mastodons and mammoths plus the giant reptiles that once roamed the planet.       

The theory is founded on an ancient discovery by the Chinese that magnetism linked to bio-electrical energy flows promoted vigor in biological life. They used magnetism in medical treatment.

Dr. Dean R. Bonlie of Calgary, Canada, has utilized this ancient Chinese principle to treat patients for a variety of illnesses. He has invented what he calls the Magnetic Molecular Energizer for treating “magnetic deficiency syndrome” caused by what he believes is biological stress caused by the planet’s weakening magnetic field.

So is there a threat of a polar shift?

Scientists say they don’t know for sure, but they say the weakening of the planet’s magnetism could be a factor linked to a pole reversal. Magnetic field reversals are known to occur regularly on other planets and even the Sun. They say the geological record shows that magnetic field reversals have occurred on Earth in the distant past.

What no one knows is how fast this reversal occurs, how it occurs, and of special interest, what happens to the living creatures at the time of the pole flip.