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Who Is The Oracle? Her Name is Suzie


Suzie Donahue, a long-time resident of California, was born into a family of gifted psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and seers that go back for generations on both sides of the family.


While she inherited many natural abilities, she has enhanced her skills and knowledge of the occult through studies that began in 1986 when she became a student of the Tarot and Qabala with the Builders of the Adytum, and continue to this day.


Among her achievements to date: Suzie attended the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Berkeley, California, for two years, from 1988-89. She received a Yuen Method practitioner certificate in 2004 and received training in spiritual mind treatments from the Center of ConsciousLiving a Science of Mind organization.


She has been initiated into the practice of Ananda Joytir Diksha, an ancient method of raising the frequency of the brain and body, as a student of Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. The training, which is ongoing, has been Suzie’s personal quest for self-mastery.


Suzie also holds a practitioners certificate in Theta Healing and is currently receiving advanced training in this field. Theta Healing is a holistic technique founded by Vianna Stibal. It teaches how to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator of All. By changing the brain wave cycle to include the Theta state one can achieve change on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Always a lover of animals, Suzie grew up on a farm where she owned rabbits and horses and the family always owned pet dogs and cats. She later received professional training and taught riding lessons on a farm that specialized in breeding and raising Arabian horses. She is a natural animal communicator. She has been highly successful in using her theta skills in behavior modification with the animals she works with.


An experienced business person, Susan has enjoyed an interesting career as a manager and promoter of some of California’s cutting-edge bands from the Bay Area, owned and operated her own restaurant in Germany, and had her own backstage catering service that served touring bands like Sting. She later conducted tours and worked as a guard during the restoration of the SS Red Oak Victory, a Liberty Ship that now is part of a museum docked in Richmond Bay.


Suzie now is launching this new business that she believes will grant her the opportunity to utilize her talents as a psychic, reader, and student of spiritual masters to help others reach higher fulfillment, find personal peace and seek self-mastery during these troubled times.


The name she has chosen for her business is Namaste39. The name means: “I honor the God within you,” which is a key to the philosophy on which her practice rests. The number 39 refers to the dimension from which entities of great wisdom watch down over us all. Spiritual advisors who communicate with these entities, and with many wise spirits living in the Fifth Dimension, are available to assist in answering questions and working with special requests for advanced consultation.


For a limited time, Susie is offering free consultations and a free experience in Theta healing. Go to her website for more details. Click Here