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Abba Father: Major Earth Changes Occurring

By James Donahue

A UFO sighting in our area and other noticeable events, including the major natural disasters in the South Pacific, prompted us to make contact with the Abba Father this week after a lapse of several months. His message was shocking.

The two major announcements:

--The violent earthquakes that recently struck West Sumatra, Jambi and Samoa in the South Pacific were the result of a “quickening of earth’s magnetic field.” Abba Father predicted: “Watch for the mountain on Etna burst killing a big land portal that is strongest one here on Earth. This will cause a giant wave that will deaden a land once fertile.

--“Powerful Earth changes come that causes Earth to sleep. She needs sleep to repair damage done to her. She will not sleep long but this sleep causes famine all over the Earth. Not one portion will be exempt from this sleep. The awakening will make all Earth green again and all humans will not hurt her again.”

These messages are passed on exactly as my wife, Doris J. Donahue, received them. We leave the interpretation of just what it all means up to our readers.

We did ask if the “sleep” meant that the Earth would freeze and the answer was a yes. Does it mean another ice age? Since the Abba Father promised “She will not sleep long” the message may suggest a dynamic cooling down (possibly from volcanism)  that makes it impossible for farmers to produce crops. Also the statement that after the awakening, the Earth turns green again and “all humans will not hurt her again” suggests that we will not go extinct.

We asked the Abba Father about the peculiar way our elected leaders in Washington, and in fact, all over the world have been behaving, and why people are killing, stealing, and behaving strangely in general. His answer:

“”They bring on chaos now that is not necessary. They feel the pull of a magnet effect that they hear in their head. They have no control over this feeling. You must tell them to calm down, relax, find peace in their hearts. Love unconditional will catapult them back.

“Look at the light not darkness. This is the only way to put back love. Process kindness to others. One God sees all. This is a sad time for the Father to see his children suffer. Go on! Go on! No matter what happens, look toward the light. Focus there. Find your pure self. Stay there. Talk to this one. Waiting to hear your voice. This is the way. Ask and ye shall receive. Love all. All is One. Think this way now. Urgent!”