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Great Civilizations From Before Recorded Time

By James Donahue

Readers of this web site know that we have been fascinated by the amazing number of anomalies being uncovered from deep in the earth and deep under world oceans, all of them defying the historical record long cherished by contemporary historians and Bible scholars.

The latest discoveries include satellite images that appear to define images of an ancient city, complete with massive buildings and a pyramid, on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. A group of French undersea archaeologists claim the ruins may prove to be older than the pyramids of Egypt. They are raising money for an undersea exploratory examination to learn more.

And in northern Brazil, in the Amazon jungle near the Bolivian border, aerial observers are finding emerging ruins of once great cities, complete with giant avenues, ditches and buildings all suggesting that an advanced civilization once existed in areas largely unexplored by modern man.

What is surprising is that because of deforestation, examinations of images from aircraft or from Google Earth images are revealing more and more structures in a vast area of unexplored jungle within the great Amazon Basin.

“Every week we find new structures,” said Denise Schaan of Federal University in Belem, Brazil. The ruins are found in a variety of geometric shapes including squares, rectangles, concentric circles and complex hexagons and octagons.

Among the latest discoveries have been massive geometric designed carved in the earth. The designs, called geoglyphs, are almost impossible to see from the ground, but as the trees from the rainforests have been cut away, satellite images from space are spotting them.

So are nearly 300 geoflyphs, including circles, squats and lines measuring more than a mile in length and width, have been revealed and more are believed to still be hidden from view. The images remind us of similar earthen designs found by early settlers in North America known as “garden beds.” The reasons for such earthen art has remained a mystery.

All of this points to the discovery that great civilizations once flourished in parts of the planet that we would never have expected to find their footprints. The findings also suggest that humans have been on this planet much longer than Bible scholars and Christian influenced historians would have us believe.

There has been a revival of an ancient spiritual belief, largely influenced by the Hindu faith, that many humans living today are very ancient souls that have lived many lives as humans on this planet, and that they will continue to do so as long as Earth will support life.

The evidence grows, as more and more anomalies are discovered, that humans have been on this planet off-and-on for millions if not hundreds of millions of years. Many of these appearances of mankind were significant, with the development of great civilizations and the erection of great stone monuments that survived whatever events occurred that drove these people into near extinction.

It has been said that each person carries the history of all life, evolution and human history within the DNA of every cell. The information is all stored there, as if held in a fantastically miniature computerized library, just waiting for us to figure out how to read it.

Indeed, contemporary genetic research and micro-biology is unlocking this amazingly complex puzzle. We are getting closer to opening that amazing library door with each passing day.