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Are Blue Whales Singing A Warning Song?

By James Donahue

There has been a strange phenomenon occurring among the giant blue whales throughout the oceans of the world. Their songs are changing, and the modulation, which involves a reduction of pitch to lower and lower hertz, is global in scale.

Mark McDonald, president of Whale Acoustics, which specializes in the sonic monitoring of the whales, said the change was first noticed in about 2001. He said his team began having to recalibrate the automated song detectors they used to track the blue whales off the California coast.

The detectors have had to be recalibrated to lower and lower levels every year since, McDonald said. A report in the October issue of Endangered Species Research, by oceanographic researchers Sarah Melnick and John Hildebrand, notes that the phenomenon has been occurring everywhere in the world.

“It’s even more remarkable, given that the songs themselves differ in different oceans,” said John Calombokidis, a blue whale expert at Cascadia Research Collective. “There seem to be these distinct populations, yet they’re all showing this common shift.”

The scientists say they cannot explain it. They suggest it may be a reaction to increasing noise pollution in the oceans from submarine sonar and other military technology. But the shamanic elders of the Siberian Yupik peoples, on Russia’s far eastern Chukchi Peninsula, are saying the whales are sounding a warning.

The Yupik believe the blue whales, the largest mammals on the planet and among the more intelligent creatures, are the Guardians of our Earth.” The elders say these great whales are now singing the “Song of Death” as an “announcement” to all human beings “to prepare for the ending of all things.”

A recent report by Sorcha Faal said that the latest Yupik shaman council warning is that our world today is in great danger because “humanity has failed to learn the lessons of over a century of war.”

Strangely enough, the Yupik shamans first began issuing this warning in 2002, at about the time the scientists in California were first noticing the drop in tone of the songs of the Blue Whales. That year the shamans, meeting in Yanrakynnot, Russia, warned that “only 10 years were left before the ‘Time of the Great Ending’ was upon us all again.”

That the Yupik shamans are pointing to the year 2012 as the “time of ending” agrees with the ancient Mayan Calendar, which also marks an unexplained end of time on December 21, 2012. And the Faal story notes that “new research now (is) showing the linkage of these ancient Maya peoples of the Americas with the Yupik and other Arctic peoples through their shared Na-Dene language origins.”