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Powerful Goddess Sekhmet BackTo Decide Future Of Humanity

By James Donahue

During a recent gathering among advanced students of Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, a close acquaintance told of a personal encounter with the lion-headed sun goddess Sekhmet.

It was a powerful spiritual meeting for this woman who can say that Sekhmet is a living, powerful and life-changing entity.  Sekhmet brought with her a strict warning. It is said that she has returned to Earth to help decide the fate of humanity.

The question is whether this society is worthy of ascending to a higher level or being erased from existence. The clock is ticking. The choice will be made soon.

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet was a powerful lioness-headed goddess of war and destruction. Her image appears throughout ancient Egyptian ruins and it as said that priests of that period performed daily rituals to placate Sekhmet.

The Abba Father tells us that Sekhmet “is a key figure coming to earth . . . preparing all for the ascension. She cannot be here too long.”

How do people find the correct spiritual path and take advantage of Sekhmet while she is among us? The Abba Father’s advice: “People must listen to their hearts. Stay there from now on. Very important. Every day is a blessing so stay with love and don’t listen to others. Their hearts are stone. Living on Earth is hard now and will get very difficult to understand. That is why she (Sekhmet) has come.”

It appears that Sekhmet has the power to destroy our planet. While this may be our fate if world leaders continue on their current destructive path and the masses continue following the false teachings of organized political/religious systems, we have been given one last chance to save ourselves. Spiritual teachers like Sai Maa and powerful entities like Sekhmet are here to show us the way.

In a recent lecture Sai Maa noted that Sekhmet has printed on her breast the flower of life which has always been the original template for Planet Earth. Thus, said Sai Maa, Sekhmet’s “compassionate heart and her lioness power gives humanity a choice.”

She noted that humans have always been granted free will. “Sekhmet will always show you the light no matter how many times you choose darkness. The wrong choice vs. the right choice. No one will tell you don’t do this because you have inside of you the power to make any choice you wish. You will not be judged. You will not be punished. There is no god that will punish you.’

 Sai Maa continued: “Now is . . . a period of great shift that will bridge the best of every civilization. Lumaria, Atlantis, we have had numerous incarnations. You are great beings who are beings of light. You are multi-dimensional beings. Whether we say Hermes, Jesus, Arch-angel Michael, Buddha, Padma Sai Baba, it is all inside of you. Galaxies inside of you. . . Allow now this energy to start coming from within you like the great Egyptian times, knowingness . . . knowingness of truth . . . the changeless truth.”

As we understand this message, while we are preoccupied with world wars, financial and health concerns, and the very task of providing food, water and the resources needed to stay alive, there are spiritual powers hard at work in quiet places, doing everything possible to fill the planet with the thing we need most . . . love.

Sai Maa and The Abba Father have both told us where the creator god exists . . . within each of us. We are all the creators of our own universe. We possess the light and the power to change everything for the better. The key is to “listen to our hearts” and remain focused there.

Science has known for some time that the heart membranes are identical to the make-up of the human brain. Some have said the heart is a part of the brain. But what if the brain is, in reality, a part of the heart?

We have all had the experience of knowing profound love and compassion for another person or perhaps even a pet. When that happens, think about where that sensation originated in the body. It came from the heart chakra . . . or the actual beating heart. That is why we express love on Valentine’s Day with the image of a heart.

When The Abba Father tells us to listen to our hearts in these trying times, he means exactly that. The heart is going to express love. And love is the only solution to the agony now befalling mankind. It also is the pathway to light and the route humanity must follow if it expects to ascend to the new heaven and new earth that is even now being prepared.

Are we going to make it? Are enough humans turning to the new spiritual pathways so we can enjoy the change that looms just around the corner?

The Abba Father assures us that people are opening their hearts all over the world. “The open ones are telling all about this way and many are thinking differently now. It was like a bolt of lightning during this time. No one can say they did not know the truth. Starry night was there.”

The reference to a starry night appears to be a reference to the first chapter, verses two and three in Liber AL vel Legis, the strange Book of the Law dictated by an entity to the late Aleister Crowley which reads: “Every man and every woman is a star. Every number is infinite; there is no difference.”