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UFO Sightings Occurring Everywhere

By James Donahue

Reports and video footage of unexplained lights in the sky, shadowy triangular craft sliding silently over the landscape, and daytime sightings of circular or cigar-shaped “unidentified flying objects” have become so commonplace that the stories rarely make headlines anymore.

Truth is, however, the reports are not going away. Do a Google search and you will quickly discover that those web-sites attempting to keep careful count of such goings-on are almost overwhelmed by the volume of sightings from everywhere in the world.

The following is a typical one-paragraph portion of a lengthy document found on just one of the web pages:

“In Arizona, witness sees a white orb descent at a rapid pace to the ground. In Florida, a motorist saw an object in cloud. Colors changed from white to yellow. In Michigan, a motorist sees an unknown object moving in a rotation, like a top. In Oregon, a walker heard a thunderous sound, went for cover and saw a V-shaped object.”

Mexico was recently dazzled by a multitude of sightings, Russia has reported numerous sightings, China has had so many reports that an official monthly publication lists them, the British and Brazilian governments have both declassified previously secret UFO documents dating back to the 1950s.

One report in the Brazilian manuscripts tells of a “UFO Night in Brazil” on May 19, 1986, when 21 spherical objects estimated 100 meters wide were detected by radar and spotted by civilian pilots. Several Mirage and F5 jets were scrambled in an unsuccessful attempt to pursue them.

The British documents include a complete file on the famous “Rendlesham Forest Incident” of December, 1980, when U.S. Air Force personnel observed a metallic, triangular object drop in the forest that illuminated the area with a white light. As they approached the men said they saw a pulsing “red sun-like light” that broke into five white objects and disappeared. Investigators found depressions in the ground the next day, and there were radiation readings at the site.

The British file includes a letter from a former defense chief urging officials to take UFOs more seriously.

Indeed, in my years working as a news reporter in Michigan and Arizona, this writer encountered several people with similar stories and had a few personal experiences that lead us to believe that something supernatural is going on in our skies.

The lights we are seeing move in ways that known military and commercial aircraft cannot move. The odd-shaped objects, either V, circular, triangular, or cigar in appearance, appear to defy all of the known laws of aerodynamics. They hover overhead without yielding to gravity. They suddenly move off at great speeds that would probably kill any human pilot operating such a craft. And they make amazingly sharp turns that no known human-made aircraft can accomplish. And they do this with a mysterious silence that makes us wonder how they are powered.

There is no doubt that such craft are being observed and photographed. They have even followed NASA craft on the way to the Moon. Most American astronauts say they believe we are being visited by aliens.

The question has always been . . . if the aliens are flying overhead, and some have reportedly crashed, why haven’t they attempted to make contact?

Perhaps the “Alien Agenda” conspiracy theorists are offering as valid an explanation as any. These stories are appearing in four parts on this web-site.