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A Growing Rebellion Against World Religiosity


By James Donahue


Ongoing stories about pedophile priests; people flocking to see images of the Virgin Mary on tree trunks, building windows and cheese sandwiches; witnesses that see church icons that bleed; mothers directed by God to kill their children and other strange behavior have been making the news a lot.


Then there was the story about a man that jumped into a lion’s cage in a Taiwan zoo in an attempt to convert the animals to Jesus; the Farmington, Michigan woman who attempted a blood sacrifice of one of her children at an alter in a Roman Catholic Church; former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s public embarrassment over the bare breasts on a bronze statue of Justice in the State Department; the Christian book burning of the popular Harry Potter books, and James Dobson’s public assault on the children’s Sponge Bob cartoon character as a sinister attempt to convert children into homosexual behavior.


More recently it appears that an extreme Christian right-wing political cult has taken over Washington D. C., bogging down the operation of government and effectively blocking attempts by newly elected President Barack Obama to fulfill his efforts to fix the mess created by eight years of the Christian influenced Bush Administration.


The most recent campaign by this mentally disturbed gang was pointed out by MSNBC personality Rachael Maddow this week. She said signs and bumper stickers are appearing that say: “Pray for President Obama, Psalm 109, Verse eight.” The verse reads: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” The next verse reads: “Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”


What we are watching on the nightly news appears to us as nuttiness to the extreme. It is getting so extreme it is turning into a dangerous “fishing” for some crazed person to feel justified in taking extreme action for Jesus.


It appears the Christians are generating cults with mindsets equally as deadly as the wayward Moslem cult that sends young men and women off with suicide bombs strapped to their bodies to kill innocent people for the glory of Allah.


Some might say these are a Biblical “sign of the times.”


The “times” referred to here are, at least in the minds of the Christians, the end of days before Jesus returns in the clouds and carries away his followers to glory. Anybody that can stake a life on something like this happening is probably mentally handicapped to begin with. Thus the visions and strange behavior should not be considered inappropriate.


What is troublesome is that there are so many millions, if not billions of people willing to follow this and other equally as radical religious belief systems now operating in the world. While the struggle over dwindling natural resources may be the root cause of world conflicts, wars are raging between various factions of Moslem and Christians, between Moslem and Jew, between Hindu and Moslem and between Christian and Moslem.


The Buddhists have had their days of conflict in the Far East.


Ironically, all of these religious groups preach peace and compassion. But if this is what the followers believe, how can they be led to warfare so easily? It is because they believe they have the only true answer in the human quest for a relationship with our creator, and that all others are on the wrong track.


But there is hope.


In recent years there has been a growing resistance to this world-wide insanity. It seems to be springing from the youth who are rebelling against the brainwashing effects of religiosity and searching, instead, for a real spiritual path that has its roots in the Earth.


People of all faiths and all walks of life seem to be tuning in on the new call for a personal spiritual awakening. The message is not new but it appears fresh and right in a world entangled in so much discord. We are searching, it seems, for the god within. We are discovering the light that glows deep within our very cells. We are hearing the call for love for one another; a love that comes from the heart.


As signs grow ever more clear that we are facing the effects of an overpopulated planet, melting ice caps, extreme environmental pollution and depleting natural resources there is a new movement for saving the planet.


Spiritual teachers are rising up among us to remind us of things we already know but have chosen to forget. And it has become obvious to many of us that the outmoded old religious systems are crumbling under the weight of hatred, bombs, bullets and blood. They are not working anymore.


Also many believe there is a new kind of child in the world. They have been referred to as the Indigo Children because they generally emit a bluish, or indigo aura. They are ultra bright thinkers and generally unwilling to accept the garbage imposed upon them by the societies in which they are forced to live.


The human failure is that we fell into the inventions of gadgets and comfort generated by a capitalistic system and failed to complete a key part of the evolutionary cycle. While we evolved physically, we neglected our spiritual and mental growth. The invention of Prozac and other drugs that give millions of users a blurred vision of reality has intensified the problem.


We are happy to report that there has been a quiet revolution occurring among concerned people all over the world. There is a quest for a new and real spiritual awakening.


Indian spiritual teacher, Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, is teaching that the Earth is about to ascend into a new and higher dimension, and those who are spiritually prepared for the change will be moving with it.


There will be more to come on this subject