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Is Planet Earth Shifting On It’s Axis?

By James Donahue

We recently published a report by The Abba Father that warned of looming Earth changes that included a shift of the North Pole, extreme volcanic activity, and a cooling of the planet that will have an impact on crops everywhere.

While The Abba Father said this was something that will occur in the future, we also quoted from a web site titled “” in which the unidentified writer claimed to have proof that the planet has already tilted 26 degrees farther from its normal angle at the Summer solstice which is causing the big meltdown of ice at the North Pole, Iceland and throughout the Tundra.

Normally scientists say our planet’s axial tilt varies slightly between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees but the changes are so gradual it takes something like 42,000 years for the variations to occur. And yes, there are smaller and short-term variations that are apparently affected by the gravitation of the Sun in its depleting angle relative to the position of Earth within the Solar System. All that calculation involves some complicated mathematics, which is enough to say on that topic.

Recently, Felix Landerer, a spokesman for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, said he believes the Earth’s axis is, indeed, shifting because of the melting ice caps. That is because the Earth is not perfectly round, but wider at the equator. As the ice melts and water flows into the world’s oceans, the weight of the poles is reduced. And Landerer believes this is having an effect on the magnetic poles.

“The Earth is like a spinning top, and if you put more mass on one side or another, the axis of rotation is going to shift lightly,” Landerer said. He said the North Pole is tilting along 79 degrees West, on a line of longitude that runs through Toronto, at an annual rate of about 2.6 centimeters. This rate could increase as more and more of the ice melts.

Yet another factor in this equation is the Earth’s magnetic field is fading. One recent report noted that the field is about 10 percent weaker than it was when Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician, began measuring it in 1845. Some believe that if the trend continues the magnetic field may collapse and then reverse. If that happens compasses would point South instead of North.

So would such a shift have a catastrophic impact on life on Earth? If it happened suddenly and unexpectedly, it certainly would. But Gary Glatzmaier, magnetic field expert and earth scientist at the University of California in Santa Cruz, says he isn’t worried. “The field has reversed many times in the past and life didn’t stop,” he said.

A magnetic shift and an axis tilt are not the same thing, however. With both events beginning to happen at the same time, we may have something to be alarmed about. The predictions from The Abba Father now seem founded on true scientific evidence.

A voice of reason has been sounded by Steven Dutch, of the Natural and Applied Science Department, University of Wisconsin, who says all this talk of a tilting planet and pole shifts are part of the doomsday mythology that has been permeating since we entered the new millennium in 2000.

Dutch called the stories of the tilting axis “so outrageous . . . I just shake my head in disbelief. If the earth’s axis shifted by 26 degrees, what happened to geosynchronous satellites? If they still remained in their original orbits, then the satellites would appear to drift 26 degrees north and south of the celestial equator over the course of a day. Considering how touchy satellite dishes can be about misalignments of even a few degrees, this would totally disrupt global communications.”

And as to the story that melting ice caps is causing the planet to tip like a spinning top falling over, Dutch asks: “falling onto what?” He suggested that removing material from the poles and transferring it evenly around the globe would “increase the stability of the earth’s rotation.”

As long as everybody’s television reception is working, Dutch says we have nothing to worry about.