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Munck’s “Code” Casts Light On Ancient Archaeological Mysteries

By James Donahue

Video footage and papers produced by Carl Munck, an interesting researcher of ancient megaliths, mounds and other mysterious structures, uses simple mathematics that Munck claims makes up a code system, or a way the ancient builders used these monuments to speak to us.

Munck, who says he discovered the code by accident while pursuing a hobby of cryptography, believes the code system is built into the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, the great stone monuments found in Mexico, South America, Asia and Europe, and even the strange mounts of various shapes found in North America and Europe.

Munck calls himself an archaeocryptographist, because he is using his skills as a cryptographist and mathematician to solve unexplained mysteries of ancient archaeology.

He says the great pyramids of Egypt, China, South America, and elsewhere in the world were not built as tombs for treat emperors, but rather they were carefully placed on ancient lines of latitude and longitude in ways that point to one another, suggesting that they were all built at about the same time in the distant past, by an intelligent race that not only was in world communication but shared the same advanced mathematical skills.

And Munck has produced startling evidence that these structures are much older than contemporary researchers ever dreamed . . . possibly dating as far back as 12,000 years in the past.

In one of his writings, Munck explains how he made his remarkable discovery. He said in 1978, while trying to work out some kind of code system based on the language of latitude and longitude.

He said he enjoyed playing with numbers and the math exercises became “a great way to pass the time and provide my copious intellect with a lot of fun. That is, until I found my plots getting tangled up with the ancient pyramids.

For example, when I divided the 360 degree constant by 19 degrees, 18 minutes to 01.05263157894 seconds, I found myself on the parallel of latitude which crosses Mexico’s round Cuicuilco Pyramid just south of Distrito Federal (Mexico City.) What’s this? The ancients knew that round things comprised 360 degrees of arc?”

Munck said he continued to experiment with the numbers, looking at other ancient structures, and discovered that they were literally filled with mathematical information, and all of them linking to one another.

But later, when probing the larger 21,600 (number of nautical miles in the earth’s polar circumference), I found that when I divided it down through 51 degrees and 10 minutes to 42.3529411 seconds, it crossed the exact center of England’s Stonehenge – another round (360 degree) monument which originally had 60 stones around its perimeter. As 60 stones times 360 degrees multiplies to exactly 21,600, I then realized I had found something awesome.”

Minck says he believes archaeologists have been looking at these ancient monuments incorrectly. They have been cutting them open, searching for openings and objects or bodies placed inside, and digging holes all around them, when all the while the secret was right in front of their eyes. They are simple mathematical formulas, all pointing to the Great Pyramid of Giza which Munck believes was used by the ancients as the point of zero degrees longitude. We have since moved this point to Greenwich, England, thus making it impossible for the old formulas to fit within contemporary longitude and latitude calculations.

Minck said that when he moved the grid to the center of the Great Pyramid, all of the numbers fell into place.

The numbers work for all of the great earthworks and stone works that include the Druid Mound in Massachusetts, the earthen ideogram at Newark, Ohio, the Temple of the Atlantes at Tula, Mexico, the Sphinx at Giza, the Kolomoki Mound in Georgia, Ohio’s Seip Mound, the Emerald Mount of Mississippi, the Red Pyramid of Dahshur, an ideogram at Franklin, Ohio, the Great Triangle drawn on the Plains of Nazca, Peru, the “Eye” on the mile-long “Face” at Poverty Point, Louisiana, the Shark Mound of North Bimini and the Pyramid of the Magicians at Uxmal.

Minck explains in his videos how he has used simple numbers of lines, stone positions and numbers of points within patterns to calculate not only proper locations of important structures on Earth, but also the exact diameter of the equator and the number of hours, minutes and seconds in one rotation of the planet. The latter calculation, which indicates a planet spinning slightly faster than it does today, dates the time of the construction to about 12,000 years in the past.

The information from pyramids in Teotihuacan, Tiahua-naco, Tikal, and Chichen Itza strangely point to precise locations in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This has led Minck to speculate that these may have been the sites of important monuments on the lost mythological continents of Atlantis and Lemur.

Not only this, but Minck has found a link to Richard Hoagland’s claim that a pyramid and mile-wide face exist in the Cydonia region on Mars.

Thus these mystery artifacts from antiquity appear to have been manufactured by an advanced intelligent race of beings, and done in such a way that they would survive erosion and the natural destructive force of humanity. Thus they still stand today, and they still bear a message that Minck believe he has only partially encoded.

If Minck is right, we have a new understanding of what these structures are, and how they are related to one another. And we know that the builders went to a lot of trouble to put them where they stand.

What we have yet to understand is why they did it.