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Abba Father: Rash Of World Quakes Signals Dynamic Earth Changes Ahead

By James Donahue

We don’t know if anybody has been paying much attention, but that so-called “ring of fire” circling the Pacific Ocean has been very active during recent weeks.

The big news, of course, was the massive earthquake that triggered a tsunami that swept Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. This was followed a few days later by a second major quake that leveled homes in Sumatra and left hundreds, if not thousands of people dead in the rubble.

Since then there has been a rash of big quakes, over 50 of them measuring at 5 or higher on the Richter Scale, recorded within the past week in this same region of the South Pacific. They have been hitting smaller, less populated island areas. The only alarm was a second tsunami warning issued on or about Sept. 30, which did not amount to anything.

Quakes of that size also are hitting Japan, Chile and the Pacific rim of Mexico.

A new dialogue between my wife, Doris J. Donahue and the Abba Father has revealed that all of the earthquake activity is part of a major change that is beginning to occur on this planet. The most dynamic events looming will be a tilting of the Earth’s axis.

The Abba Father said: “Powerful waves of water changes the Earth’s balance. Puts the Earth at edge of a tilt. But not yet. North Pole will shift. This will make a cold Earth for a time.”

Among the signs to watch for will be a major eruption of Mt. Etna on the Island of Sicily. The Abba Father said: Powerful mountain strikes a loud and destructive (unknown word). High deadly gas erupts there and puts any life at risk. This will come during a season of rain. Many will not believe the authorities about an eruption and decide to stay.”

A web site titled “” offers volumes of copyright protected material that the unidentified author claims was gained through his personal observations and calculations, and by studying published reports of the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, the SOHO solar satellite, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service.

Without reading through the volumes of earthquake activity report issued on line by the U.S. Geological Survey, we use this site’s report that shows a major increase in world-wide volcanic activity from about 5,000 a year in 1970 to over 30,000 a year in 2003. At our count alone, using the USGS data, we found over 54 earthquakes of a level 5 on the Richter Scale or higher occurring in the South Pacific area within a seven day period. This is the same area of the world where the super quakes that ripped Samoa, Tonga and Sumatra occurred only a week or two earlier.

Even more shocking is a report on that the Earth has tilted a full 26 degrees farther from its normal angle during the Summer solstice on June 21. This means that the northern half of the planet is allowing more sunlight to strike the northern regions which may be causing the massive melt-down at the North Pole.

Media reports are keeping no secret that the arctic ice at the North Pole is melting down quickly, with some analysts saying all of the ice could be gone as early as 2020. Some predict it may be happening even faster.

While some melting is occurring at Antarctica, the loss of ice there appears to be occurring at a slower pace, which no one has attempted to explain.

The writer on says he or she believes that the meltdown of the arctic and the even distribution of water over the planet will shift the balance of the Earth enough that there could be a much more significant tilt, if not a complete shift in the location of the poles.

We highly recommend a visit to The site offers enough material to keep one busy for many hours.