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The Dumbing Down

By James Donahue

Not long ago we spotted a strange and somewhat frightening report by an unidentified person who said this information was highly classified and goes by the name “Final Legion” project.

The person described the project as a “dynamic social experiment” that has been occurring in various governments in the Western World for many years. “It is most recognized via the medical and education industries, which are our source for Apologetics and denial control. We spend considerable time and effort altering societal statistics and correlating data for ‘Disinformation’ purposes.”

The effects of the experiment have been seen for at least six years, and increasing in volume with each passing year. The writer noted that the desired effects include:

--Increased strength

--Better bone density than natural selection.

--Larger, more imposing bodies.

--Controlled aggressiveness.

--Loss of emotion.

If you think of it, all of the above qualities in a human body would produce a number of either very good soldiers and/or very good slaves capable of producing a lot of work for a slave master. When you examine the loss of emotion and aggressive behavior, we also may be considering a reduction in general intelligence.

The writer noted that there have been some side effects of the experiment. They include:

--Reduced intelligence (as we deducted).

--Short attention span.

--An earlier onset of puberty.

--Very high Libido.

--Very strong appetites

--Attention Deficit Disorder and other mental health issues.

Many of these results, including the loss of intellect, early onset of puberty and increased sexual activity might be the perfect answer to the creation of a large number of people with slave mentality. They would be easy to control, would work hard, and breed like rabbits. The only problem would be they would consume a lot of food and with a short attention span, would have to be guarded to keep them from wandering from the job.

Then there has been a third list of unexpected side effects that could be a problem to any master race of beings with intentions on controlling us. They include:

--A tendency for excessive violent behavior.

--Social hysteria when in large numbers.

--Brain tumors and general clotting.

--Suicidal tendency.

--Tunnel cognitive syndrome.

--Low communication skills.

--Low self-awareness.

--Problems in perception, determination of proximity and speed.

Indeed, we have been hearing about a startling increase in the number of children with A.D.D., we have been observing scenes of social hysteria after 9-11 in the United States, in Iran, China and other places in the world, and there appears to be a general dumbing down of people everywhere.

The youth of the world “twitters” on the Internet rather than read good literature or seek good grades in school. Children are entering puberty at younger and younger ages, and there is an almost frantic interest in sex and sexual perversion everywhere. Athletic prowess is of great interest, even to a point where athletes are using steroids to build strength and muscle.

Are we falling into an alien trap? Are we raising children to be slaves to an alien master race, or is something else happening to us?

Just what is the secret “final legion” project, and who was it who posted this information on the World Wide Web?