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Jesus - The Bastard Son Of Joseph


By James Donahue


The real “Christmas Story,” if it even happened, was a political issue, possibly manipulated by spiritual forces, and doesn’t jive with the Bible’s account of events that occurred some 2000 years ago.


Jesus, a powerful force who came as a teacher to help humanity get back on the correct spiritual path, arrived under dangerous circumstances. The alien-controlled political forces present on the planet were aware of this holy man’s arrival and were working hard to kill him from the moment he was born.


If we take the story as told in the New Testament Books of Matthew and Luke seriously, Jesus had to have been the bastard son of Joseph. Mary conceived because Joseph and Mary obviously had sex before they were married. Under the old Hebrew law, however, Mary was in terrible danger. The law called for the public execution by stoning of women that dared to have sex before marriage. Her unborn child would have died along with her.


Thus Joseph and Mary got involved in an elaborate plot, possibly with spiritual help, to create an elaborate but very old story concerning a virgin birth.


The Romans of that period still worshipped the ancient Persian deity Mithras, a hero born of a virgin in a stable on the winter solstice. His followers believed he would return at the end of time to lead believers on a physical resurrection. Virgin birth of god figures were more popular than you might think.


The story of the Buddha claims he also was born of a virgin. He had 12 disciples, performed miracles, healed the sick, walked on water and fed 500 men from a small basket of cakes. He was transfigured on a mount, was crucified in a sin-atonement, suffered three days in hell and was resurrected. He then ascended into Nirvana.


The Egyptian god Horus was born of the virgin Isis on December 25. He was born in a cave, his birth was announced by a star in the East, and he was attended by three wise men.


In India the deity known as Krishna also was born of a virgin. His father was a carpenter. His birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds, and they brought presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh.


It is said that Constantine, who advanced the cause of Christianity by declaring it the official religion throughout Europe, followed the Mithraic cult before his conversion.


It is obvious that the Jesus story was not original. It was all plagiarized in bits and pieces, and sometimes blatantly intact from ancient mythology. Instead of allowing Jesus to live among the Hebrew people and lead them away from the structured political/religious system that existed, the teacher was murdered and years later his teachings and very existence was twisted into another religious belief system that grew to world dominance.


The virginity ruse was so cleverly pulled off that Joseph and Mary got away with it. By keeping the pregnancy secret and traveling to Bethlehem where the child was born, it would have been possible to cover up the true date of Jesus’ birth. People that knew the couple might have had difficulty determining if Mary conceived before or after she was legally married to Joseph.


The story of miraculous conception was in some way sold as a way of establishing Jesus as a “son of God.” Thus instead of being stoned in the public square as a loose woman, Mary went down in history as a holy figure, the “Mother of God.” She is so worshipped by the Roman Catholic church whose members pray more to her than they do directly to Jesus.


That Jesus grew to be an amazingly gifted man, with great spiritual knowledge and the ability to work many miracles that included the healing of the sick, suggests that there was truly some genetic manipulation by outside forces involved at the time of his conception. Some have suggested that if there was a miraculous conception, the arch angel Gabriel, who was predominately involved in the Christmas Story, may have been the true father of Jesus.


Whatever the truth, Jesus was the unique personification of the ultimate human that we were all supposed to become. Jesus was not the god. Like so many other teachers and prophets who have lived among us, he was attempting to show us that we are all One. The god exists in the soul, that spark that is present within us all. We have been stripped of our full potential by outside alien forces that have used false religious systems and a destructive materialistic political system to keep us enslaved for thousands of years.


The arrival of Jesus should have been a good thing for the human race. But the twisting of his story to create a new religious system out of his existence stopped any movement Jesus might have started cold. We once heard a wise person say that “it was as if the recording was flawed and it just kept playing over and over, and is still skipping back over the old story. While humans have evolved mentally since the time of Christ, they have been stuck spiritually. This was not supposed to have happened.”


Jingle bells, everybody.