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Bizarre Story: Alien Baby Killer Dies Mystery Fiery Death

By James Donahue

Back in May, 2007, during a period when UFO sightings were occurring all over Mexico, the national television stations reported a strange story about an alien baby that was caught alive in an animal trap and then drowned in a rain ditch out of fear by farmer Marao Lopez.

Lopez recently was found dead in a burned-out car parked along a Mexican roadway. Some are saying the fiery death was so suspicious that they believe the alien parents of the dead baby may have returned to take revenge.

 Lopez said the creature looked so sinister that he and his neighbors drowned it in a ditch. He said it took him three attempts to drown the creature and he had to hold it underwater for hours. It was said the creature struggled and screamed before it died. Lopez later gave the corpse to Mexican university scientists who launched a careful study.

Mexican radio and television personality Jaime Maussan, well known for his study and reporting of UFO phenomenon, said samples of tissue, bone, hair and sin were sent to three labs in Mexico and one in Canada for testing. The tests revealed that it was a creature foreign to anything known to exist on Earth.

German media reporter Michael Remke of BILD radio and Sonntag, said he traveled to Mexico to study the remains and produce a story. “At the start I thought it was a bad joke, perhaps a skinned monkey,” he said.

Remke said he was convinced after reading the lab reports and studying the corpse. He said DNA testing failed because the creature’s DNA is unknown.

Area veterinarian Marco Salazar said he examined the body just after it died. He said the creature “had the teeth of a carnivore and its large head suggested very high intelligence.” The body looked somewhat reptilian and had a tail, although its bone joints and inner ear were humanoid.

Another farm worker said that at the time Lopez found the creature in his trap, he saw another creature that was larger, about two feet tall, that “crept out from a ranch door and then quickly ran away.” It has never been captured.

The BILD website suggested a link between the events surrounding the alien baby and the outbreak of the strange mix of swine, bird and human influenza viruses the following year. They question if the new virus isn’t something created in an extra-terrestrial gene lab.