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X-Ray Infinity Symbol In The Heart Of The Milky Way

By James Donahue

Something very strange has been discovered in the very heart of the massive black hole located in the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Astrophysicists say data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope shows two purple disks, about 25,000 light years in diameter, forming an obvious figure eight or infinity symbol.

The scientists don’t know just what to make of the discovery. The two oval parts to the symbol appear to be X-ray energy that is creating separate super bubbles that mirror one another. Because of the distance, the images captured by the telescope show what was present about 30,000 years ago. They were the result of an event that occurred there millions of years before this.

Black holes have long been an enigma to astrologers. It was only in 2008 that the giant black hole in the heart of our own galaxy was confirmed. Now to find an infinity symbol created by some form of X-ray energy in the heart of that black hole, coming from an unknown source is even more befuddling.

Perhaps it is significant that in this time of change for our planet and for humanity, that we have developed the technology to observe something as dynamic as an infinity symbol, so large that it cannot be missed, rising from the mysterious nothingness of a black hole in the very center of our own galaxy of stars.

The infinity sign, or the lazy eight, has long been considered an important image among the divine and spiritual peoples throughout human history. In ancient India and Tibet the symol represented perfection, dualism and unity between male and female.

In the occult tarot the symbol is linked to magic and represents balance between forces. It is the uroborus, or the circular serpent biting its tail. Contemporary mathematicians regard the infinity symbol for just what it is called, an unending design of numbers, time and space.

Because of its design, the number “8” best fits the description of infinity because it offers no beginning and no end. The symbol represents repetition and in spiritual thought, signifies the divine eternal.

The Egyptians perceived themselves as living in infinity. When we think about it, they were quite right. When we think of our existence in time, we are always in the nexus point of intersection periods of the past and the future. In the time it took for me to type the first words of this paragraph, or for you to read them, you moved from the present into the past. That moment was lost forever and you are at this instant in yet another nexus. And thus it continues for as long as we exist in this dimension.

In summary we are always living in infinity. Normal human consciousness has difficulty grasping the concept of endlessness. If there is any symbol designed by man to help in this understanding it is the figure eight.

Think of a child’s electric train set running on a track layout that crisscrosses itself in a figure eight design. Once the train begins traveling the track, it can continue going forward indefinitely without ever reaching the end of the line.

So what is the significance of this symbol to us? It is a holy symbol. It is a promise of the infinite existence of creation. Everything is in change and motion, but everything has always been and perhaps it will always remain. And if this is true, logic would suggest that our spiritual existence also may be infinite. We will continue on long after the bodies we occupy are abandoned and withered away.

That giant purple infinity symbol in the heart of the galaxy in which our solar system spins is like a sign from the Creator that all is well with the Universe, in spite of the mess we appear to have created in the little world on which we presently live.