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Controversial Hadron Collider Set For Test Run In November

By James Donahue

Scientists repairing the Large Hadron Collider near the France/Swiss border say the 17-mile-long doughnut-shaped machine may be ready for a restart sometime in November. That may or may not be good news, depending on just what happens once the device is in operation.

There was so much concern among some physicists when the machine was nearing completion one year ago that a court case was filed in an attempt to stop anyone from ever using the collider. They said they worry that the machine, located deep underground, may have the potential of destroying the world.

It is called a collider because the machine is designed to conduct high-energy particle collisions and help scientists understand such mysteries as how the universe was formed, the nature of dark matter, black holes, and whether other dimensions exist.

Walter Wagner, a former nuclear safety officer and Luis Sancho filed suit in US District Court, Hawaii, in an effort to stop scientists from using the collider. They said they worry that when the scientists begin smashing protons together at the speed of light it might produce a black hole that will consume the earth.

Also German chemist Otto Rossier of Eberhard Karls University joined another group of scientists who tried to stop the project by seeking an injunction from the European Court of Human Rights. Both court cases failed.

Rossler argued that his personal calculations showed the effect of smashing protons would create several tiny black holes that had the potential of destroying not only the Earth, but eventually swallowing up our entire solar system.

“It is quite plausible that these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside,” Rossler said. He said such a scenario could go on without us being aware of the threat because “the Earth could be sucked inside out within four years.”

In our own contact with the entity Abba Father we have been receiving constant warnings connected to what appears to be the operation of this machine. Just prior to the date that the collider was turned on the warning was a plea to the “kings of the earth” not to turn on a particular deadly device.

On September 10, 2008, the machine was turned on and the scientists said they successfully sent particles through the 17-mile-long tube at nearly the speed of light. All that was left was for the protons to be sent in separate directions so they would collide with each other and create what physicists believe would be something comparable to the “big bang.” A few editorial pundits made light of the fact that anybody worried about the collider destroying the world.

After that, everything went silent. There was no news from Europe. We made contact with the Abba Father and learned that the collider was no longer operable because “someone has turned it off.” He said some type of belt “was about to crash and make it unstable.”

The Abba Father, who has been forecasting major changes coming to the planet, suggested that spiritual forces were involved in the shutdown of the collider. “We cannot have a collision,” the entity said.

Indeed, a news report eventually revealed that right after the September 10 trial, there was a malfunction in a faulty transformer. After this, the team working on the transformer discovered a large helium leak believed caused by a faulty electrical connection between two magnets, which may have melted because of the high current used.

A recent article by Lewis Page for The Register web site gives more insight as to exactly what happened in the collider. Page wrote that the faulty electrical conductor melted under the load not only crashing the collider but releasing “a fearful tide of helium superfluid” that was so cold it froze everything in its path. Technicians working nearby narrowly escaped.

The repairs involved installation of new sensing devices to make sure all of the electrical connections are working properly and numerous other safety devices. The entire underground structure had to be superheated in the process and scientists have just been waiting for everything to cool down to a level that will allow the collider to be tested again.

James Gillies, head of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) said six of the eight superconducting sectors are presently down to an acceptable temperature level. He said he believes all eight of the sectors will be properly cooled by sometime in November. No date for a planned test run has yet been announced.

If the collider works and doesn’t set off a deadly chain reaction, physicists from around the world say they hope to use it to recreate energies and conditions believed to have occurred a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. They say they want to create this effect then examine the debris for clues to the nature of mass and new forms of nature.

They said deadly doomsday chain reactions are unlikely although no one can be sure the collision of protons won’t have some effect on the world as we know it. The scientific community appears willing to take the risk. They have spent 15 years and well over $8 billion building a machine they believe will answer their questions.

The Page article notes that the CERN collider will be smashing “very small bits of matter” and that “barring unforeseen mishaps, the risk that they will blow up the Earth seems minimal.”

The Page article notes, however, that the proposed construction of an even larger collider is already on the drawing board and its purpose will be to crash matter and anti-matter together to see what happens.

It appears that even our esteemed scientific community is not thinking right these days. That they would be willing to accept a “minimal risk” of destroying the Earth while playing with their new $8 billion collider, just to glean information about the origins of our universe borders on a form of mental derangement.

That they would consider building a machine capable of smashing matter and anti-matter together is total insanity. All of the things we know about bringing matter and anti-matter together is that they react by totally annihilating each other and releasing their mass in the form of energy.

In other words, if the experiments at CERN fail to create a black hole that swallows up our world, the next machine they build will attempt to create an explosion unlike anything the world has ever seen. Page predicted the blast might make a supernova look like a mild belch by comparison.

Not to fear, however. The Abba Father assures us that the collider is not going to work this time either and that an ever larger one will never be built.