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WikiLeaks Exposing Corruption In High Places

By James Donahue

For a long time we have been suggesting that organized criminals have gained control of or banking systems, big corporations and governments and that corruption in high places has been causing the collapse of the old American system of life that we once knew and enjoyed.

We have watched in disbelief as one catastrophic event after another has led to extreme shifts in the way business is conducted, and noticed how international trade agreements allowed American businesses to move overseas in a quest for cheap slave labor and get rewarded for it with low or zero tariffs to pay and an open free US market.

We have noticed the calloused hearts of our elected government leaders who have been reluctant to reach out to the unemployed and poverty stricken masses now packing our streets, but careful to put the tax burden on the middle and low-income Americans rather than the wealthy people who control the money and power.

It was obvious to us that certain power figures were manipulating the puppet strings in Washington from behind a giant curtain, and that a lot of secret wheeling and dealing has been occurring. We also have been concerned that the national media, now owned by a small string of big business interests, has been reluctant to look behind that curtain and make the revelations the people should have been told about

If you want to get a handle on just who some of these power figures might be, study just who and what business interests are attacking the controversial whistleblower website WikiLeaks and its co-founder and editor Julian Assange.

Now that WikiLeaks has begun to pull back that curtain and give the people a look at what lies behind it, the rats are scurrying to hide. The site is battling powerful cyber attacks. Assange has been threatened and forced to move several times since he began publishing the leaked “secret” files, and authorities have even generated charges of terrorism, espionage, and alleged rape in an effort to have him arrested and thrown in prison.

A spate of attacks on the WikiLinks site, conducted by a “person” identifying himself as an American patriot, was probably an attempt by government operatives to put the site out of business. But  Assange, an expert computer hacker who understands the workings of the Internet as well as, if not better than the best government hackers, planned for this. He changed web hosts and locations and WikiLeaks still lives! And the daily dump of raw and revealing government protected data continues on.

The French government moved to ban WikiLeaks from servers in that country arguing that the nation would not accept the hosting of a “criminal” website.

At one point when the cyber attacks reached their height, WikiLeaks sought refuge on the servers of Amazon, but got kicked off that site at the request of Senator Joe Lieberman. The online financial transaction service PayPal stopped taking donations to support WikiLeaks, blaming the decision on “US government pressure.”

Fear of student protests has even prompted the State Department to attempt to persuade students to not read the documents or discuss them on Facebook or Twitter. Students at Columbia University’s School of International and Public affairs were told that if they comment about the information on Facebook or Twitter, their chances for government jobs will be in jeopardy.

This week the Swiss bank PostFinance froze a Wikileaks defense fund and personal assets worth 31,000 euros. Assange is being attacked from all fronts.

Assange expected to come under severe attack. He prepared for the release of the information he had by working with three major and internationally admired newspaper outlets, the UK Guardian, the New York Times and the German newspaper Spiegel. While the website was often left out of commission that first week, the newspaper sites were publishing the information.

An excellent place to learn more about the WikiLeaks documents and the effect they are having on world leaders is Spiegel International. Click here to reach that site:

The Guardian also is a free to read site at

Unfortunately the New York Times now requires enrollment and charges folks to read its pages on line. The free press in America is no longer free.

Assange also is protecting the volumes of still unreleased information. He warns that the newspapers and more than 100 people have downloaded what he calls an “insurance” file containing an encrypted version of the cables. If he is arrested or murdered, he warns that the key to that code will be released and the entire file, completely unedited and perhaps filled with documents that should be classified for security reasons, will be released to the world.

Apparently the material we have received to date has been information people in high places wanted kept secret, but it had nothing to do with national security. It involved exposure to corruption and crooked manipulation that helped steal a lot of government money and get certain people very wealthy at the expense of the general public.

Can we trust what authorities are saying about Assange and the dangers of the information revealed on his WikiLeaks site? The Abba Father this week referred to Assange as “a big helper of mankind.” He said the information on WikiLeaks “is the real news now. Tells  others to not stop reading them (the documents.) Let others know what they contain.”

The Abba Father said these documents contain information that people all over the world need to know and that has been hidden from them. “One group of men (was) hiding truth. Now they will be known.”

For some reason, the Abba Father urged that all of the information Assange has in his possession must be released as soon as possible. He said “the group of leaders is scrambling to shut it down but they will not stop what is now being sent out.”

The Abba Father has been predicting major events that would lead to a major change in the way people live on Earth. He also predicted severe flooding along the East Coast of the United States and an earthquake in that area. These events have happened. You didn’t hear about in the national news but a 3.9 magnitude quake occurred just off the coast of New York City on November 30.