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At Last – Transparency Of Government

By James Donahue

Julian Assange and his amazing website WikiLeaks has done the American public and perhaps the world a big favor by exposing volumes of once secret government documents and revealing for the first time in more than half a century the inner workings of war and international wheeling and dealing.

While the revelations are proving embarrassing for many current and past top officials, and a lot of people in high places are calling for Assange’s head on a platter, a lot of us are smiling in glee after realizing just what was accomplished.

Assange not only exposed the misdeeds of a lot of people that wanted what they did kept forever hidden from public view, but he proved that in today’s modern age of electronic communications, there are no secrets. No matter how carefully the computer experts struggle to protect the data, hackers can always find ways of getting in.

The WikiLeaks dump of information is massive, and apparently more information is getting released every day, it is taking a long time for journalists and other interested parties to wade through the volumes of information and discover the important revelations hidden therein.

What has already known is that our government has been guilty of hiding too much information. Much of the so-called “classified” and “top-secret” information getting revealed is nothing more than silly comments via e-mails and official dispatches sent from office to office. While possibly embarrassing to certain individuals, the information had nothing to do with protecting the nation’s security, working spies or troops in the field.

The documents are also revealing a few things that probably would, if not buried in such a hodge-podge of other manuscripts, make dramatic headlines and put many of our powerful military and diplomatic leaders, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the defensive.

There is a report that WikiLeaks has much more information to reveal. With the promise that a major banking institution will be on the hit-list for the next “dump,” we are now waiting with baited breath for this next installment.

Hopefully when all the windows shades are removed, and the doors swung wide open, the truth behind a lot of chicanery in high places, and especially the way the very wealthy gained control over world governments and got in a position to throw the masses under the bus, will be exposed for once and for all.

Notice that the age-old allegation of sex crimes have emerged as an attempt to put Assange on the defensive, possibly give authorities an excuse to shut him down, and if nothing else, smear his credibility. Don’t believe it. This is an old government ploy that gets used when all else fails.

Assange should not be hunted down like an international criminal. Nor should any person suspected of helping obtain this data. Indeed, we are witnessing true heroism. These people had the courage to do what the journalists of the world have declined to do for too long. WikiLeaks is exposing things that the public should have known about for a very long time.

Perhaps because of what we will learn, it will not be too late to do something about all the damage that has been done to a lot of people everywhere. And it was all done in the name of greed and power.