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Strange New Messages From The Holy See

By James Donahue

Since Pope Benedict XVI came to power at the Vatican in 2005, at least three shifts in the old hard-line Roman Catholic doctrines have emerged.

--This Pope appears to have attempted to balance the American/Christian assaults on Islamic nations in the Middle East by opening dialogue between Moslems and the church. This year in a message from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue he called on Muslims and Christians to work together to safeguard respect for human rights. He appears to have been attempting to repair relations with Muslims that were strained following his 2006 quote from a medieval text that contained an offensive reference to the Prophet Muhammad.

--Pope Benedict recently shocked the church with his declaration that condoms can be a useful tool in the fight against the spread of HIV. The concession applied only to disease prevention and the pontiff made it clear that the church continues to stand in opposition to its injunction against contraception. But the statement was, for the Vatican, a spectacular movement away from its tired old campaign against sex for any other reason than procreation of the species.

--Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia and considered “an insider close to the Pope” appeared on national television to state that “extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon.” He suggests that the possibility of alien existence is not in conflict with church teachings and that the UFO phenomenon is “worthy of scientific investigation.”

--The Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, Jesuit Director of the Vatican Observatory, also said that he believes the universe is too large to rule out “additional forms of life, even intelligent ones.” In an interview with the Vatican newspaper, the Rev. Funes said that ruling out the existence of aliens would be like putting limits on God’s creative freedom.

These recent events are indicating that something appears to be shaking the heart of the world-wide Roman Catholic religion right to its roots.

That the world is suffering from severe overpopulation, a decline in natural resources, and a runaway inflationary rise in the cost of living has had an obvious impact on the willingness among Catholic families to obey the demands of the church and recklessly build large families. Such families find themselves so poverty stricken that there is no quality of life. In some parts of the world the children die of malnutrition or disease.

The church also acknowledges that people of the Moslem faith now outnumber Christians throughout the world and that it is illogical to assume that Catholicism will ever hold the controlling power over the people that it once enjoyed.

The recognition that humans may not be the only intelligent life forms in the universe is such a dramatic shift from old church doctrine that we must assume that something important has occurred to have caused Monsignor Balducci and the Rev. Funes to have made such public statements.

If the story presented by The Abba Father, that a powerful non-human entity sleeps chained in the catacombs below the Vatican is true, then the Pope and all of the robed priests within his entourage have been well aware of alien life forms from the start. That the Abba Father says this creature is about to awaken, and that it already is mentally controlling the power figures around the world, might explain why the Vatican is preparing the world for its appearance on the world stage.

Then there is yet another strange but nearly concealed report that emerged when Pope John Paul was still alive. According to this report, the skeletal remains of a non-human creature were excavated from the basement floor of an ancient vault under the Vatican Library. The discovery was made during a restoration of underground vaults located below the library.

Pope John Paul issued what was said to have been “an unprecedented command of silence” about the discovery and posted guards at the site.

Is such a story true or is it merely another piece of Internet generated mythology? Many UFO researchers around the world, having heard the story, are keenly interested in knowing for sure.