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Another Vision Of The Creature Under The Vatican

By James Donahue

After our recent posting of the Abba Father description of a powerful lizard-like creature lying chained in catacombs deep under the Vatican, we received an interesting link to a series of books and articles by author Stewart Wilde, who also describes a personal vision of such a creature.

Wilde’s article, which appears on his web site, goes even farther. He gives not only a frightening description of how he perceived this entity, but also described visions of the Vatican crumbling to ruin. In his report he said he could not determine if this symbolized a literal event that is yet to happen, or a symbolic picture of the collapse of the church.

Click here to read the Wilde story in its entirety.

We find the Wilde article significant in that it is in agreement with similar reports by other writers, many of them posted and quoted in articles on this site. Both the Abba Father and Wilde state that the creature under the Vatican is controlling the minds and hearts of the masses and that the time has come to expose what is there so that the world can break from the yoke of enslavement that has held the human race in bondage for thousands of years.

Wilde wrote: “the reason nothing ever changes in the world and one “milk-the people government” is replaced by another “milk-the-people-government” is because there are billions of inner-world ghouls holding up the tyranny. They sustain the control mechanism of evil in the human mind, and they propagate the lies and corruption that go with each of the institutions and systems that dominate every aspect of human life.”

Does this not explain why the election of a Democratic government to replace a failed Republican controlled government in the United States fails to bring about the change demanded by the people?

Those of us who have achieved the capability of leaving our bodies and exploring the astral world that surrounds us are fully aware that we are surrounded by a variety of alien beings living among us. Some of them are friendly and helpful. A majority of the ones we encounter are not. We would will that the beast at the Vatican be removed and that all of his minions be removed along with him so that our world might be healed and the people allowed to exist in a state of peace and harmony.

We agree with Wilde that the various world religious systems were created by alien forces to enslave the people and help keep us in a constant state of warfare among ourselves. Thus a major step toward ending this long held reign of world domination involves the dismantling of organized religions. Among the first to go must be the Roman Catholic Church.

Wilde writes that an unseen spiritual war is already raging, and has been going on for at least the past eight years. He said spiritual forces are in what amounts to hand-to-hand combat “to bring the church down and protect the children and free the poor that are being milked by the church for nefarious reasons. . .

“Inside the Vatican is a massive being. It is red and black. It looks like a very large blob forty-feet high and thirty-feet across. It has tentacles that reach from the altar to the front door. It doesn’t move very fast, but it is very powerful and ominous.

“The celestial forces have to dispatch a couple of under-cover operatives to kill the blob. Once it dies, then the celestial forces are in the door, and they will advance into the chambers and offices of the Vatican, and the evidence to sink Benny Boy (Pope Benedict XVI) will pop to the surface much in the way ducks pop up on a lake after diving for food.”

Wilde writes that “all the people and little children that are too scared to give evidence will suddenly take courage, and the church will crumble in a holocaust of lawsuits and criminal proceedings.”

Read Wilde’s story at: