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Revelation of the Beast

By James Donahue

This report may be the most shocking and troubling thing you will ever read. Most people will write it off as a wild fictional fantasy of no substance. Yet if you consider the events presently occurring in the world, and have an understanding of esoteric matters and how subconscious belief systems intertwine with mythology, you would do well to give this story serious consideration.

This report hangs on two important sources. The first is a vivid and repetitious dream shared with me by a woman who experienced them in the 1960s. The second is a new revelation this week by The Abba Father, which explains the woman’s dream.

The crux of the story is that there is a great beast, or dragon-type of a creature that lays chained and asleep deep in the catacombs under the Vatican. This creature is so mentally powerful that it controls all world governments and financial institutions. This beast, which has been on our planet for thousands of years, is the real force behind all of the wars, chaos and troubles that have made this planet in constant discord and in an unbalanced state throughout known human history and beyond.

In a cryptic message this week The Abba Father told of “the one that is hidden” at the Priory of the Vatican that must be revealed. “This is the way of the others that do harm to humans. This is their leader. The deadly ones cannot live without this one.”

This creature was described by The Abba Father as a “lizard-like being” that “is very accomplished in all languages, all politics, all money, all material things, all foundations, any monetary gains, religious beliefs. Master of mind control, starts wars, puts people in office all over the world.

“Very powerful being there. All known kings and queens used this energy to stay in power. No one can stop this but now is the time for the revealing,” the Abba Father said.

This writer was instructed to reveal this story even though Abba Father predicted “most will not believe but enough will be alarmed.” He implied that the revelation of the beast is occurring earlier than it had been planned, but that world events are occurring so fast that the time table of events designed to put a stop to human slavery had to be moved up.

He said: “Mankind is not ready for this exposure but money is being the enemy now, corrupting all who worship it. Only way to put back love is the revealing of this one. Write about this now. Don’t wait. Events will come. The healing of minds and hearts cannot take place as long as this remains a secret.”

Abba Father said that this entity has remained locked up in its dungeon-like hiding place for thousands of years, having been successfully captured and chained there by the Lumarians, a race of humanoids that lived on Earth and developed an advanced culture long before the present humans were here. Abba Father said the Atlantians, a race of humans that existed before Lumeria, apparently did battle with the beast but were unable to destroy it. The best that could be done was to get the creature chained and hidden in its present state.

The great danger, he said, is that “another force is about to let it loose. The energy for this happening is nearly complete. Orgone was needed and will be the beginning of its release.”

The Abba Father said the strange hand signal that world leaders and television personalities are boldly showing during public appearances, is a symbol of allegiance to the beast. The symbol is being used arrogantly, as if the people in power know they have little to hide. The sign shows the right hand folded with the index and small finger extended in the shape of horns.

This is such a shocking story it might be difficult to believe. Yet there has been evidence of a subconscious awareness of the existence of this beast in worth mythology and even in the designs of modern-day temples.

We are all familiar with the ancient stories of dragons and sea monsters with lizard-like scales that breathe fire as they ravage and pillage the landscape or ships at sea. There also was the strange story of the Cyclops, the one-eyed giant that Greek and Roman mythology said once roamed the land.

While The Abba Father would not give the creature under the Vatican a name, the late author H. P. Lovecraft may have done so. He created a “cosmic energy” named Cthulhu, a high priest to the Great Old Ones in what are known as the Lovecraft Mythos. Lovecraft’s description of this creature was hideous, which may not be the case. 

The woman’s dream is significant because it clearly links all of the elements of the Abba Father’s story. She said she dreamed that she was on a strange wooden floor and that there was an odd crisscrossing of the oak boards, making it difficult to walk on. She was surrounded by stairways interacting with one another and seemingly going nowhere as depicted in the famous Escher painting.

The woman said there was a deep chasm at the edge of the floor she was on. When she peered down into this chasm she saw a floor far below that was comprised of black and white checkered material. There also were what appeared to be several people walking around on this checkered floor.

She said that in her dream she found a staircase that took her down into this lower level and followed it, eventually coming to a door. There also were odd crooked posts distinctly seen here. Inside the door she found a dragon-like creature that was in chains. “It was huge but beautiful at the same time.” She said the creature appeared to be sleeping, but as she stood there, it began to open its eye. Just then, someone grabbed her and pulled her out of the room.

The woman said she was quite young when she began having this dream. At the time she was attending a Baptist Church, was deeply caught up in the Christian faith, and had no understanding of what this dream meant. But it was a reoccurring dream that she had for several years afterward until it was vividly imbedded in her mind.

She said in later years, during a Christmas holiday, she was watching a televised broadcast of a message from the Vatican. She said she was shocked to see the Pope sitting in a chair between two crooked pillars that were exactly like the ones she saw in her dream. The floor of the room where the Pope was seated was a black and white checkered material. She said she realized at that moment that her dream had involved something at the Vatican.

It is interesting to note that the woman who told this story did not see the Escher painting until much later in life. It was as if the artist also had the same dream and depicted the strange interacting staircases just as she remembered them.

As a young boy I remember “doodling” while listening to radio programs and sometimes while listening to lectures in school. I found that looking at the drawings helped me remember what I heard during the lecture. One day I produced an intricate drawing of interlocking and erratically twisting staircases which, much like the Escher work, lead nowhere. I had not seen the Escher work when I made this drawing. My father was fascinated by the drawing and suggested that I should work on my artistic talents. Was that not an image from the subconscious mind that all three of us shared?

It is interesting that many of the great temples of the world appear to have black and white checkered floors. They say such a floor exists in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, as well as in many of the Masonic temples. The floor design is said to have been present in King Solomon’s Temple and represents duality of life; good vs. evil.

If the Abba Father’s time table is correct, the floor of the vault where the creature lies chained is much older than even King Solomon’s Temple.