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Will A Major World Shift Begin November 14?

By James Donahue

The late researcher and author Terence McKenna introduced the concept of “Timewave Zero” in his books The Invisible Landscape and The Archaic Revival over two decades ago. In them he projected a theory of time, history and the end of history which many occultists now believe is nearly upon us.

Now the strange web site and Internet radio broadcast Half Past Human appears to be drawing from McKenna’s theories and using a computerized technique based on radical linguistics, using data from psychic Internet projections of futuristic events and human reaction to this information to create an “archetypical database” from which to project the future.

The Half Past Human site last week (Nov. 3, 2010)  published what the writer said will likely be “the last update prior to the tipping point” which computer analysis suggests will begin at 6:50 a.m. Pacific Time on November 14, 2010, and continue into January, 2011, with the most intense “purge of anguish” occurring on January 7 and 8.

The writer of the Half Past Human article describes the events occurring during this period as “intense levels of release” expressed through human communications. “Yet another way to think of it is that more words expressing deeper levels of emotional turmoil will be assaulting you with greater intensity.”

Indeed, we have noticed, especially during the recent political campaign in the United States that candidates and government leaders were behaving as if they were going bonkers. Now that the election is over, this behavior appears to be getting even worse. Is the concept of reaching a two-month-long “tipping point” mean that everything is going to get crazier than it already is?

Another thought is that the human behavior is caused by the approach of an impending dimensional shift, as projected by many messengers from the other side. We are told that the process of going through this shift will make everything seem surreal . . . as if we are all on an LSD or DMT trip, and we won’t come back to any form of reality for weeks. For those unprepared for such a dramatic change, it may mean total madness.

This may be what the Abba Father was preparing those who read his messages, as posted on this website, earlier this year. He urged people to turn on their natural light and reach out to all around them with unconditional love. Within the messages are specific directions on how to go about doing this in preparation for events that are upon us.

While we have not been given a specific time for these events to begin, we were told to stock up on food and water and prepare to remain under cover after November 13. We noticed that the date corresponds with the date that appears on the Half Past Human site.

While she does not project past November 9 in this week’s reading, California astrologer Risa D’Angeles writes this week that “the United States has transiting Mars (Sag) opposite natal Uranus (Gemini). Oppositions mean something new integrates. With Mars/Uranus a fierce revolution appears, disciples enter the battle, desire becomes aspiration to build everything new.”

McKenna, who claims that he received his knowledge about time zones and warps from aliens while in a hallucinogenic state during experimentation with some of the world’s natural substances, explains what he perceived is about to happen.

He wrote: “Many of the psychedelic compounds involved in the language phenomena, like DMT and harmine and harmaline, occur as part of human metapolism. And harmaline, specifically 5-methoxy tetrahydroharmalan, occurs in the pineal gland. The pineal gland has always been thought of as somehow connected to the soul.

“What I am trying to get at here is the world is mental in some way that we do not yet understand, but which we’re edging toward understanding. I think of history as a kind of mass psychedelic experience. The drug is technology, and as technology gets more and more perfected as a mirror of the human mind, the cultural experiences become more and more hallucinatory.”

McKenna next levels the kicker. He wrote: “Our planet is on a collision course with something that we, at our present state of knowledge, don’t have a word for. A black hole is simply a gravitationally massive object, so massive that no light can leave it. What I am talking about is something like that, except that it isn’t too much gravitationally massive as temporarily massive. We are soon to be sucked into the body of eternity. My model points to 11:18 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time, December 21, 2012.”

Keep in mind that McKenna wrote this some 20 years ago. The projections by Half Past Human suggest that there has been a time shift, and that events may be coming upon us earlier than McKenna and the ancient Mayans foresaw.

McKenna concludes: “My notion is fairly simple. History is a set of nested resonances with each epoch being shorter than the one that preceded it. This event horizon is like a series of ghost horizons, and once you enter into history, you enter into the outer shell of the temporal field of the attractor or the concrescence. In other words, history is the disturbance in nature which precedes the concrescence. It precedes it by only 50 thousand years – a geological microsecond – before all life is melted down in the presence of the singularity.”

If McKenna is right, then the end of everything as we know it is upon us. But before folks get all bent out of shape thinking about such things, we suggest to our readers to go back to Bill Ryan’s excellent lecture on reality in which he explains that we are eternal beings who live in a variety of bodies all over the universe. Ryan believes that death is merely the act of leaving our present body to jump into a new one and do it all over again, although not necessarily on this planet.

Ryan believes that many of the people who are here at this time apparently volunteered for service to assist in the great transition that this troubled planet and all of its life forms are going through. Somehow we knew what we were getting in for before we were born into the bodies we presently occupy. Rushing into radical change should not be a problem for those who are awake and prepared for it.

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