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“Ardi” Discovery Slams Genesis Creation Myth

By James Donahue

The discovery of the fossilized remains of 36 ancient pre-human creatures that walked the Earth some 4.4 billion years ago has been said to have toppled the “missing link” theory and obviously has fundamental Jews and Christians scratching their heads.

This amazing revelation, unveiled recently by an international research team led by paleoanthropologist Tim White of University of California, Berkeley, has held up as its showpiece the skull and bones and haunting drawing of a female member of this ancient tribe identified as “Ardi.”

Described as neither ape nor human, Ardi is being identified as a member of an ancient pre-human species the scientists are calling Ardipithecus ramidus. The team notes they aren’t the oldest known fossils of huminids but comprise the most complete and compelling set of bone fossils discovered to date.

White said the discovery, first unearthed in 1994, “gives us a new perspective on our origins. We opened a time capsule from a time and place that we knew nothing about.”

A discovery of this magnitude does a lot to support Darwin’s evolutionary theories, and which is more, it eliminates the idea that humans evolved from apes. It appears that humanoids and apes broke off from the evolutionary tree a very long time ago, probably long before Ardi and her tribe appeared on the scene.

Among the information already gleamed from the fossil record is that this species of hominid walked upright and since the bones were located in the same area, may have developed some kind of social, if not family relationships.

The discovery also leaves the door open for alien intervention that created the spark that turned hominid-type primates into god-like, thinking, bicameral-brained humans that build monuments, religious belief systems, languages and find unique ways to use natural elements of the planet to make choices of either dominating the world or go into self-destruct.

It is obvious that the story of Adam and Eve suddenly appearing in a garden and starting the human race an estimated 8,000 years ago is pure mythology from a people who could think of no better explanation of how or why we came into existence.

Yet the mystery of the real age of man and his ancestors, and the very origins of life remain in the realm of religious thought. Miracles like that don’t just happen by chance. They demand the work of a higher intelligent power that put all of this together.

For those of us on the outside looking in, the overall mystery is just where do we find and identify this higher intelligent power. Is it within ourselves, or are we but a minute part of the whole which may be all of the known universe and even beyond?