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Ryan Discourse: “It’s All A Game”

By James Donahue

British researcher Bill Ryan says he perceives our existence on Earth as a gathering of a wide variety of souls or spirits from all over the universe, all of us here for a purpose, and our interaction with one-another “a game” that is seriously being played out in our struggle to make sense of it all.

Ryan, who with American film producer-director Kerry Cassidy have founded Project Camelot, offers interesting insight into current world politics, why people are behaving strangely these days, the “alien connection” and who he believes is really running our world in a fascinating video that can be watched by clicking here.

It is a lengthy video that runs for nearly two hours, so before listening, give yourself some time, draw a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and prepare to have everything you thought you knew or believed challenged and turned into rubble. Once you start hearing Ryan it will be difficult to stop the video.

We have watched the Ryan video twice and still find it difficult to write a proper review. He dumps so much information and covers such a wide range of topics that it would take a lengthy document, perhaps even a book, to cover them all.

What we found surprising was that Ryan touches on many of the theories written about on this web site over the years, including the possible existence of a race of alien beings that look like us but that are not human who control the finance and power of the world. He refers to them as the Reptilians.

Ryan also speaks of the Grays and other powers of our universe that either influence our world, our belief systems and our actions, or offer us friendly assistance from an astral plain when called upon. He says many psychics and “seers” refer to the latter as “their higher selves” or “spirit guides.”

After years of research Ryan says he has concluded that, like all humans on this planet, not all of the aliens sharing our space are friendly, nor can they be trusted. But he also has concluded that they, like all of the rest of us in the human race, are all alike in that we are very old beings who have been living and reliving in the bodies we occupy for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years, if not longer.

He says he believes that death is merely a shift from one worn out or destroyed body into another, and that we all return again and again to continue playing the game. The sad part of the story is that we have devised so many rules and religious belief systems and government controls that we have made it difficult for individuals to enjoy their parts in the “game.”

Also as each person comes back into the world as a new person, he or she carries with us a subconscious memory of events that happened to us in past lives. Consequently we have the task of not only figuring out what our purpose was in choosing this life and this body to occupy, but also in exposing all of the subconscious issues carried over from earlier lives.

One example Ryan gave of past life issues was people who have an unnatural fear of the water, even as little children. This, he says, suggests that this person may have drowned or else experienced an unpleasant event involving water in an earlier life.

Ryan also supports the beliefs offered by a growing number of world psychics and prophets, including Pane Andov, author of 2012 Equation Solved, Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of the two-volume book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, and our own communications with The Abba Father, that the world is going through a major transition.

He said he and other spiritual motivational speakers have noticed an exciting mass awakening of people everywhere as they travel the world. No longer chained to the old traditional religious dogmas that prohibited humans from daring to explore new spiritual pathways, people appear to be awakening to an awareness of something coming and they are anxious to learn everything they can.

Ryan said he believes this is an exciting time to be living on Planet Earth, and that while he foresees some very difficult times ahead as the Reptilians do everything in their power to block the awakening and keep as many humans chained as possible, he wants to still be around to see how everything turns out.

He says we have millions of different planets and life forms to take throughout the universe, and choosing to live on Planet Earth is probably the most difficult. It is so hard, he said, that just about everyone fails to go through a successful life experience on the first try. Ryan said he had to return again and again, over a period of perhaps a thousand years or longer, before getting to the point of an understanding of what is going on.

Ryan talks on his video about the earth changes that loom, about the various alien races that share our space, and about a mysterious alien race in silicone-based bodies that appear to be a dominating force over all of the others. He does not know their origins, but believes some of the aliens that have arrived here fled dying planets elsewhere in the universe and are in search of a new home.

We have just touched the surface of Ryan’s fascinating message. We strongly urge readers to hear it all, and to search out more information about Project Camelot. The video can be found at