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Messages From The Other Side; Part II

By James Donahue

In recent years my wife, Doris J. Donahue, has been in constant contact with an entity that calls itself The Abba Father, and who says he is communicating with us from the Thirty-Ninth Dimension.

This entity, that we sometimes dare to think of as one of the great powerful beings that keep watch over our struggles on Earth, appears to have great knowledge of all things, including pending future events.

The message we have been receiving from the Abba Father is similar to the messages offered by certain Hindu teachers, and Tom Kenyon, who publishes books and articles about his communications with an alien force he calls The Hathors. All are telling us that the Earth is going through an extreme shift that will be affecting all humanity. In the end the planet and a few humans who are spiritually ready will be moving on to a Fifth Dimensional plane.

There will be a lot of violent changes going on as this transition occurs, but in the end, those who make it to the Fifth Dimension will live on a green, unpolluted world much like our own, but they will have no bodies that experience no pain or aging, will not have to eat, and will live in peace and harmony with one another.

It is somewhat like the Christian description of Heaven, only without the gold plated streets and angels singing hallelujah from the clouds all day and all night.

Doris, who is struggling with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis and the daily struggles of living, rarely has time to exert the energy to communicate with The Abba Father, or any other entities beyond the veil these days. But on rare occasions she feels called to open the channels, and it is a rare treat for both of us. The sessions are usually not very long because they drain her energy.

Doris used to communicate with her older brother, Wayne, who died of a stroke some years back. Wayne and Doris were very close and there was a bond there that one might compare to a father-daughter relationship. Wayne always looked after Doris, who was the last born to a family of five children

When she discovered her remarkable ability to talk to entities in the spirit world, Doris experimented one day and discovered that she also could talk to Wayne. He told her that he was in a special place beyond the veil and would be waiting for her when she passed on. She has always taken comfort in that promise.

The other day, just after the terrible earthquake in Haiti, we were talking about death. I asked Doris if she thought Wayne was still waiting for her in the astral. She started thinking about it and decided to prepare that evening to open communications to see if Wayne was still there.

He was. Not only that, but Wayne had a lot of interesting information for us now that we had some knowledge of what is occurring on our planet.

Wayne said he was not alone where he was. He said other relatives, including Doris’ favorite grandmother and my own grandparents on my mother’s side, were all with him. It seems that when people die they go through a kind of “cleansing” and then arrive at this waiting place where they make a choice. They can choose to wait there to welcome and assist loved ones in leaving their bodies and getting to that level at the moment of death, or they can choose to go on into the light.

He said some people do not have a choice, and that the creator sends them into the light. This is not what it seems. He explained that going into the light means that the spirit of that person has not reached the spiritual plane necessary to be chosen for the Fifth Dimensional world and is sent back into another human body on Earth to go through the process all over again.

Wayne, like my mother before him, said that those in that spiritual realm can see us in this Three Dimensional world. He said they also can see into the future and warned us to be prepared for a lot of death. He said the spirits are constantly trying to communicate with us but few humans are listening to what they are trying to tell us. 

Many of us have been here for hundreds, if not thousands of years, being born, suffering the issues of living on this planet, and then passing on. The process has been going on for a very long time because the human race has failed to find the right spiritual pathways. Great teachers like Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammad and many others have been sent to Earth to attempt to fix this problem, but humans didn’t listen. Instead of doing what was right, they made gods out of these figures and established religious cults that sent us off on incorrect pathways.

Wayne said those who choose, or are allowed to stay on the astral where he waits, will be there when this world in the Fifth Dimension is created.

All of this seems like a fairy tale that will be difficult for many to accept. Doris and I have been down so many different pathways in our lives, from agnostic to fundamental Christianity, then to the opposite extreme we called Luciferianism, and lastly plunging into Hindu-oriented teachings, that we find ourselves skeptical about just about every concept that comes our way.

Yet the fact that Doris appears to talk directly with the dead, and with such powerful other-world entities like The Abba Father, and that their stories collaborate with certain other world teachers, gives us assurance that something much better awaits us after death.

This is the second of a three-part series.