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Is Someone Slipping Anthrax In Heroin?

By James Donahue

A little-noticed report in the UK Independent notes that “a spate” of fatalities among heroin addicts in Scotland and Norway appears to have been caused by anthrax bacterium that somehow got mixed into the highly addictive narcotic.

Researchers at the Center for Applied Microbiology and Research in Porton Down, Wilshire, England, found traces of anthrax in the blood of two of 10 Scottish victims that died of assumed heroin overdoses in recent weeks, the news report stated. Another 15 users became seriously ill after injecting heroin into their muscles instead of their veins.

The unusually high number of deaths and illnesses among heroin users in the same area sparked the medical testing that uncovered the presence of anthrax.

The suspicion also was raised after medical teams in Norway confirmed that a heroin addict that died there in April was killed by anthrax, not the heroin.

Pathologists who examined the other victims in Scotland found that they died of multiple organ failures which indicated an overwhelming infection. But they could not identify the infection. Another report stated that two samples tested positive for an anthrax antigen.

The ominous question is whether the mixing of anthrax into the heroin was a deliberate act designed to murder heroin addicts, or if it happened by accident.

It is noted that anthrax is indigenous to Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran where most of the poppy plants that produce heroin are grown. During the manufacture of the drug as a white powder, its strength is usually adulterated with foreign substances to “bulk it up” before exportation. This reduces the potency of raw heroin usually making it safer for street use as well as allowing sellers to see higher profits.

While there is potential for an accidental mistake in choosing the “bulk” for heroin, we also have this queasy feeling that the poisoning may also have been done with purpose.

It was only recently, during the global climate change meeting among world leaders at Copenhagen, that a report by the Optimum Population Trust of England was made public. The report proposed that a major reduction in the world’s population would be the best and least costly way to resolve the crisis.

Because of the timing and location of this event we have to ask the question:

Would some person, organization or perhaps even government agency be testing this deadly concoction as a way of killing off a large number of people? Is it the beginning of a conspiracy to attack certain segments of society marked as expendible?

It is currently estimated that there are between 15.1 and 21.1 million heroin users in the world. A total of 50 million people use heroin, cocaine and other synthetic drugs.