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How Dare They Criticize The Obama’s Appearance With The Queen

By James Donahue

The world media, and especially the right-wing critics of President Barack Obama, last week watched every move our president and his wife, Michelle, made when in the presence of England’s Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

They found three “mistakes” to try to make issues of among the nightly talking heads that portray themselves as analyzers of the daily news.

One was that President Obama used both hands when he shook the hand of the queen, something said to be a “no-no” among experts at British royalty protocol. We noticed that the queen did not seem to mind at all.

Secondly, video footage was shown that caught both Michelle Obama and the queen with their arms briefly wrapped around each other. It was a brief moment. We think they both realized what they were doing and dropped their arms at about the same moment. But critics noted that the First Lady broke protocol. And so did Queen Elizabeth, apparently.

And the final incident was that Michelle, who we believe would look great in a burlap bag, apparently broke protocol when she visited the queen wearing a skirt, white pull-over top and sweater. Critics said she insulted the queen because she dressed down for such a royal visit, and should have chosen a costly dress from the racks of such designers as Donna Karan, Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren.

You don’t go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater,” blasted well-known designer Oscar de la Renta.

Again, we noticed that the queen seemed perfectly delighted to be visited by the most famous and popular couple in the world. She smiled and happily posed for the cameras standing between the Obamas.

Our point to all this is that keeping stogy protocol when in the presence of English royalty may be all right for the British, who love keeping the old Monarchy in place even though it no longer serves as the head of the English government. It is all show, just as Hollywood stars and high paid football and basketball and baseball players are in America.

It seems to us that the Obamas may have left the queen more aghast by their brief visit to the palace, than she did them. If America has ever produced anything close to real royalty, people like the Obamas appear to clearly fill the bill.

If Michelle Obama choose to present herself before the Queen of England wearing a sweater, then hurray for her. She represents a nation that is suffering from an extreme financial meltdown at this time. To wear costly designer clothing would be an incorrect statement at a time when the world was watching her every move. Thus she has succeeded in setting a new fashion for the day and those snooty dress designers can just lump it.