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Worshiping The Image Of Jesus

By James Donahue

After Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ came out, actor James Caviezel, who played the role of Jesus, discovered the odd sensation of having strangers behave strangely around him, some of them going so far as to bow down at his feet.

There were various reports about how people were behaving in Caviezel’s presence when he appeared in public. But what happened in Mexico is almost scary.

When in Veracruz for a week the actor was swamped with requests for miracles by the illiterate natives who believed he was really Jesus Christ in the flesh.

An Associated Press report quoted the Mexican newspaper Reforma as stating that dozens of people from the poor Catholic area came to Caviezel, asking him to heal the sick and perform a variety of other miracles as he passed through.

This event is just one more demonstration of the numbing grip the Christian Church has had on the masses for thousands of years. As the collective unconscious message of the “end of times” seeps into their itty-bitty undeveloped brain cells, they are in panic because the “savior” the church promised them at the end of days has failed to appear.

If there is anything the people understand . . . even uneducated and illiterate people living in squalor . . . is that we may well be living in the end of days. The world is in a state of change that is bringing chaos, disorder and uncertainty. People caught up in religious cults are living in fear because the “savior” Jesus does not appear to be keeping his promise to return to save them before the hammer falls.

For them, a movie actor who pretended to be Jesus on cellulose is good enough.

Notice the way people have flocked to visit “weeping” statues, vague images of either Jesus or the Virgin Mary in paint smears and twisted tree trunks, and even in shadows across large windows.

When Gibson’s movie hit the theaters, it literally became the object of worship, even though it portrayed the goriest horror scenes of the Bible story of the capture, trial, torture and murder of the fictitious character Jesus.

It struck us that the film exposed the powerful and overwhelming sickness that has prevailed where ever Christianity has flourished. The showing of the film in some communities caused entire churches to vacate their pews and flock to theaters to see that film. Parents brought their small children to witness the gore and swooned at the filmed portrayal of the murder of their god-man.

It struck us that the masses are so mentally programmed, it might have been possible for Caviezel to declare himself Jesus and have a massive following if he had chosen. It would be interesting to see how far a phenomenon like that would go, although we are thankful the actor appears to not be interested in such a scam.

The church has always been a vehicle for controlling the minds of the masses. It has worked so well for so long, that now the world is going into self-destruct. And billions of followers, all of them acting like brain-dead zombies, are marching like lemmings to a form of self-destruction. They are doing nothing to save the planet that provides for them, or themselves.

If not so tragic, it would be almost laughable to watch the Christians search wildly for a sign of the return of their god-man. The Bible quotes Jesus as promising to return and “rapture” all of the saints home in the clouds in the last days before the last great world war is staged. And therein lies the danger. Many Christians elected to high political office have had a tendency in recent years to attempt to trigger such a war in the hope it would force Jesus to keep his promise.

When Jesus died some 2,000 years ago, he died like every other mortal man. His bones still lie somewhere in the arid soil where they were buried. Even his message has been nearly destroyed. Jesus never came to start a great world religion. And if he were alive today, the church that bears his name would probably brand him a heretic because he would object the message it offers.