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World Civilization Rated “Primitive” By Galactic Standards

By James Donahue

An imaginative writer for the India Times has envisioned a “multi-verse” or multi-universe that teems with civilizations. If correct, the writer suggests a rating system for determining the age and advancement of these worlds filled with intelligent life forms possessing, as humans do, the capability of choice, reason, and creative art.

The story by an unidentified author rates such civilizations as follows:

Type 1 – The planetary civilizations that form one nation, “one unified civilization that can utilize all the solar energy its planet receive, can defend jointly against typical planetary geophysical disasters like earthquakes, super volcanoes and asteroids.”

Type II – Colonial civilizations that form colonies throughout the solar system. These people have the technical ability to travel “seamlessly” between planets and can utilize the entire energy levels of their star. “They are inter-solar civilizations and are contacted by the Type III and Type IV civilizations. They eventually achieve a very fast uplift in science and technology through these contacts.

Type III – Intergalactic civilizations. This group can harness tremendous amounts of energy and can travel seamlessly between galaxies at speeds faster than light, and bend space and time to create cosmic travel. They understand that every universe is contained in a sea of multi-verse – the thing called hyperspace. Since all universes eventually get destroyed, this type of civilization attempts to break open the cosmic space and time spatial dimensions to escape the mortal universe. “They eventually create intergalactic particle accelerators to generate tremendous levels of energy. They try and create wormholes that open to hyperspace.

Type IV civilizations that colonize different universes. There is an understanding that even hyperspace eventually gets destroyed. This civilization forms integrated consciousness with recyclable Zero Point Energy modules. It seeds and harnesses lower civilizations that have the potential for evolution. These people attain higher levels of integrated consciousness that becomes the ultimate form of existence.

Looking at these many levels of human evolution, we don' need to ask where the people of Earth fit in this picture. Indeed, none of these types describes us. We are what the author refers to as the “zero type” of civilization.

The writer suggests that “there are hundreds of thousands of unsophisticated type zero civilizations that evolve in very crude fashion.” We are unable to defend ourselves against cosmic disasters and we fight savagely among ourselves. “The advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are seldom interested in type zero civilizations since there are so many to observe.”

Also, few of the zeros last long enough to reach the Type I level.

This is an interesting observation by this unknown writer somewhere in far-off India. He or she describes the situation on Planet Earth very accurately, and notes the rarity of a visit by representatives of a higher civilization among people like ourselves.

But something in the distant past made this civilization uniquely different. While we remain rooted in the Mother Earth, the genetic heart of an alien visitor may have been planted in us many thousands of years ago. Also we were given many natural tools, signs and myths designed to help us evolve to something more than we are.

Obviously like the other zero type civilizations in the universe, we failed to utilize the tools we were given, or take advantage of the many “spiritual masters” who came along the way to help us become the creatures we were designed to be. Not only this, but we foolishly misused our planet, polluted our environment, and may have dramatically reduced the time we have to learn our lessons. 

In spite of our foolishness, it appears that we are being given a final chance.  There are numerous spiritual masters walking the Earth, and those of us receiving messages from entities from other realms are all hearing the same story. The world is moving into a radical change and humans are being prodded into a high-speed collective evolution. Those of us who tune in on the message and get it right may get in on the “new world.”

There are no guarantees, however. And nothing is going to be awarded to us if we haven't earned it.

Whatever happens is not going to be a rapture with Jesus coming down on a white horse in the clouds to bring home his “saints.” The folks who have accepted that 2,000-year-old hoax are going to get blindsided by this event.

When it is over could it be that we will become a successful Type I civilization, or will it be even more magnificent than this?