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World In Transition

Americans Showing Signs of Entering The Age Of Aquarius

By James Donahue

It may someday be said that the dying age of Pisces had its last gasp during the years the Christian-oriented Bush Administration overpowered America and launched the last great crusade pitting Christians against the Moslem people in two Middle Eastern countries.

The bloodshed, mass killing and warfare, and the counter-terrorist movement, all of it done in the name of God, occurred in the midst of revelations that Roman Catholic priests and many Christian leaders were guilty of hidden crimes of pedophilia and the murders of women and children.

Now a wide-ranging study has found that a fast-growing number of Americans are moving away from organized religion to follow alternative spiritual pathways. Clearly the new and shocking transparency of the inadequate religious systems that were followed for 2000 years has had its effect. It appears to have driven many people away from the comfort of what they thought was a personal relationship with an external god.

It is said that humanity shifts into new eras, or ages of spirituality and revelation every 2,000 years. We entered the Age of Pisces, a time of male-dominated political, spiritual and social control, at the time of Christ. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, proclaimed to be an era of peace, unity and love.

This may be what some of the spiritual masters are talking about when they say humanity is about to “transcend” into a time of light. It appears to be a change that is coming over us like a storm. People are suddenly waking up to the fact that the old doctrines followed for centuries are false. They want to break free of the religious lies, destructive indoctrinations, absurd ideas, children’s stories about God, education, medicine and love.

The global economic meltdown appears to be a part of this change. The corrupt foundation of what has been a false financial and marketing system is crumbling all around us. The brokers who manipulated the money and power, and made slaves of the masses, are being exposed.

But there is more. The education system, which has been brainwashing children with false and distorted mind implants is falling apart. New, less costly and improved methods of treating health problems are being uncovered and introduced in spite of efforts by big business to stop it.

What appears to be a total breakdown of society is exactly that. It looks like a time of crisis. People are homeless, going without food and clothing, and many are suffering and dying. It may get worse before we see improvement. Government leaders are struggling to maintain the status quo but they will be unsuccessful. They cannot stop the changes that are bearing down upon us all.

What is coming is not the end, but the beginning. The dark matrix that ruled our lives, giving us false visions of reality for so long is shutting down. We are awakening to a bright new day and a new way of life that most of us are going to really like.

This is going to be a time of expanded consciousness. People are beginning to look within for the answers instead of outward in a foolish quest for money, possessions, power and, of course, their deity. The enlightened folks are already reaching out to this new era with its emphasis on humanity, kindness, truth, spirituality and enlightenment.

The election of President Barack Obama to lead the United States during this period was significant. Notice that his platform has involved all of the above when he deals with matters not only in this country, but throughout the world. He is not about war, although he has the problem of shutting down the two wars started by the Bush Administration. He is not about big business, although he is pressed by the people who elected him and the big business interests that still affect goings-on in Washington, to try.

Mr. Obama's overall goal appears to be a unification of all people of the world in a new social order that brings peace and a sharing of the world’s wealth. Some cry he wants socialism and that it is bad. He denies this. Yet socialism has been used successfully by other nations and it has been well accepted. Socialism is not Communism. It may be that a world-wide socialist-styled system must be born of necessity during this new age.

There has been differences of opinion among astrologers, astronomers, theologians and spiritual leaders as to just when the Age of Pisces ends and the Age of Aquarius begins. The general belief is that the change was to occur about the year 2,000. Astronomers say the proper alignment of the stars will not happen for another hundred years or more.

So are we there yet? Obviously not, but we are in the midst of the most dynamic social, political and spiritual changes in recorded history. It may take us a few hard years to wade through this mess as supporters of the old way fight to preserve it, and the new agers slowly take over. We believe we clearly are on the brink.

For those of us who have an understanding, this is an exciting time in which to be living.