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Being Set Free

Major Changes Loom But All Is Well

By James Donahue

With the world economic systems in states of chaotic flux, business chains and industrial plants closing their doors, the stock exchanges showing stock values plunging and the television talking heads barking stories of so many big financial shakers getting arrested for fraud, it is small wonder people are worried.

When investors like George Soros say they believe the world financial system has disintegrated and that he sees no prospect of a near-term resolution to the crisis, we are assured that something major is occurring.

People worry because they have been so used to serving the money gods, they don’t realize that they are witnessing the destruction of the very beast that has held them in chains.

What is happening is going to mean drastic changes for most of the people in the world . . . but it is not the end of the world. It might be compared to a revolution, but without the shedding of any blood. The bankers, the big money lenders, the insurance executives and power brokers of Wall Street and stock exchanges around the world got too greedy. They built a house of cards that is now falling in on itself.

As hard as world leaders wish to turn it around, as the old fable says: “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again.” Like the proverbial egg-head, poor humpty, the fat capitalist who is taking the fall, is going to end up a smashed and worthless pile of poop.

Think of what this is going to mean. Sure, the factory job may be gone. But so will be the big shopping malls, nation-wide fast food marts, gaudy and high-priced new clothes, shoes, gadgets, houses and cars we slaved to own.  The gasoline stations will not be pumping gas and folks may be huddling together to stave off the brisk cold of winter until they think of new ways to heat their dwellings. And food may be in short supply, at least for a while.

But with the money gods gone, people who are capable of thinking are going to soon realize that they have been set free. The people who controlled their government, the things they saw and heard on their television screens, and their very thought processes are going away. We the people are going to be free to think for ourselves for the first time perhaps in our lives.

Like the life-long prison convict who unexpectedly gets set free, the adjustment is going to come very hard for most folks.  Having to think for themselves is something they are not prepared for, are not trained for, and never expected to have to do.

For those of us who have always been free spirits and natural rebels against a system that we plainly saw as a corrupt mind manipulation of nearly everybody around us . . . this is the moment we have been waiting for! This is our time to shine. This is the new beginning of a new era for mankind. We feel like Adam and Eve in the garden all over again and that we are getting a second chance to do it right.

While things may appear bleak at first, we must not expect anarchy and chaos. Great minds are at work assuring that a stable social system will remain in place.

The election of Barack Obama as our new president was the first part of the miracle. When this happened, we knew that change was finally in the wind. The worst pack of killers and robber barons to steal residency in the White House and its surroundings had been found out and literally booted out of office, taking the entire gang of crooks who had penetrated the grand old Republican party out the door with them.

Within weeks after taking office, Mr. Obama has not only pushed through a spending plan designed to get people working again, but to keep as many as possible in their homes, provide food and extended unemployment for those who are out of jobs, and start rebuilding the dilapidated roads, bridges, sewer and water lines, electric power grids and even improving the broadband communications network.

Big Business interests are not getting their hands on easy cash any longer. Government grants and loans are coming with strings attached, and auditors counting every penny.

The troops are starting to come home from Iraq and Mr. Obama is taking a long hard look at just how he will choose to deal with the ongoing war in Afghanistan. The generals asked for 30,000 more troops there. Last week they got 17,000. The president is remaining silent about what comes next.

Mr. Obama set aside billions of dollars to start rebuilding our defunct railroad system so people can travel again without depending on cars, to explore alternative energy systems and give people hope for a new and better way of life. There is going to be room now for small entrepreneurs with new ideas to compete successfully. The convenient mom and pop grocery store on the corner may be returning once Wal-Mart closes its doors.

During the heat of the last presidential campaign, the Abba Father said Mr. Obama would win office, and that he would bring world peace.  Even before he took office, we have learned that Mr. Obama send Henry Kissinger on a diplomatic mission to Russia to open dialogue for a massive dismantling of nuclear arsenals in both Russia and the United States and to promise a withdrawal of plans to develop new and more deadly nuclear weapons, and to back off on the controversial plan to place a U.S. missile shield in Poland.

Notice that our new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting Japan, China and South Korea, and while there, is attempting to open disarmament talks with controversial leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il. While Hillary is hitting the bricks in the Far East, Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is on a peace mission in that troubled region. He has been in Afghanistan and plans stops in Israel and Palestine, Saudi Arabia and finally expects to join Clinton in Egypt.

Because he is showing himself to be a man of peace, and willing to put out a hand of fellowship not only to opposing party members but too leaders of all world nations, the world, which has lived for eight long years in fear of the radical Bush Administration, is beginning to relax. They may soon be extending open hands to receive the hand of friendship and cooperation Obama is offering.

Making peace will be a great step, but it may not solve the issue of terrorism. There are a lot of very angry sons and daughters of entire families murdered in cold blood by American forces when we attacked Iraq without provocation. It may take a few generations to get over the kind of anger generated by the Bush Administration. Thanks to those thoughtless acts of aggression, terrorism may be with us for a while. Every time it happens we can thank Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney.

In the meantime, enjoy the freedom. Let’s pitch in together and rebuild America. And while we are at it, let’s join forces with our world neighbors and give everybody a helping hand. We have so much to gain and nothing to lose.