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Breach In Earth’s Magnetic Field May Signal Important Changes Looming

By James Donahue

Five NASA THEMIS spacecraft, launched in 2007 to study the cause of aurora borealis (Northern Lights) recently recorded a massive breach in the Earth’s magnetic field. The hole is so large that scientists say solar wind can now flow freely through the opening and “load up” the magnetosphere for powerful geomagnetic storms.

Research informs us that the magnetosphere is like a bubble, or layer of magnetism that surrounds the Earth, protecting us from the effects of solar wind. NASA researchers say they have seen small holes punched in the magnetosphere, but nothing like the magnitude of the breach now in existence. Space physicist Wenhui Li said the opening is “four times wider than Earth itself.”

One story from NASA researchers described the opening of the massive rift: “The event began with little warning when a gentle gust of solar wind delivered a bundle of magnetic fields from the Sun . . . Like an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a big clam, solar magnetic fields draped themselves around the magnetosphere and cracked it opened.

High above Earth’s poles, solar and terrestrial magnetic fields linked up to form conduits for solar wind. Conduits over the Arctic and Antarctic quickly expanded; within minutes they overlapped over Earth’s equator to create the biggest magnetic breach ever recorded by earth-orbiting spacecraft.”

So what will be the effect of such a breach? Raeder noted that Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) events set the stage for solar storms by loading the magnetosphere with plasma. He said a loaded magnetosphere is primed for auroras, power and radio signal failures and other disturbances when the Sun spits out coronal mass ejections that hit the Earth.

That’s under normal conditions when the magnetosphere is in place and shielding the planet. Without the shield, Raeder suggests we may be getting set up for “a really big event.” That is because we are entering Solar Cycle 24, when solar storms get active on the Sun and those coronal mass ejections (CME’s) begin having their effect.

That is what space researchers are speculating may happen. World psychics and channelers are getting a very different perspective.

The Abba Father said the “weird shift” in the atmosphere surrounding Earth is related to something heading toward Earth, but it will not be energy from solar storms. In fact, we are told the sun is “no longer emitting waves of flares.” The Abba Father has been announcing a looming period of difficult times as the world races toward a radical change. Humans who are prepared will ascend to a higher spiritual, mental and dimensional level of evolution. Is everything related?

Channeler Tom Kenyon, who claims to be in contact with an ancient civilization of ascended humans living in a fourth dimension, posted a message from this group, known as The Hathors, who warned: “You are about to enter into a highly volatile period, full of extraordinary potential, yet fraught with hazards.

In March of last year we indicated that your earth’s magnetic field was experiencing perturbations and a morphing, or changing of its configuration. Your science has now discovered that this is, in fact, a reality.”

The Hathors said the breach in the magnetic bubble will not heal, and “the increased charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next several years. This will increase magnetic storms, disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions in bio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), and climate change.”

The message said the purpose of the communication was not to dwell on the negative impacts of this breach, but “upon the positive effects it opens for those who are ready. Your subtle energy body, which was known as the KA by ancient Egyptians and called the etheric body by Yogis, is highly sensitive to, and affected by, solar plasma.

An increase in the flow and quality of solar streams increases the vibratory rate of the KA body. This is a very beneficial and auspicious opportunity for those who are consciously participating in their ascension process.”

What is interesting about the Hathor message is that it gives us a clear definition of what is meant by ascension. This is described as “a movement upward in consciousness. You do not ‘go’ anywhere. You do not ‘leave’ anywhere. But your perspective, your perception, is radically altered. You begin to see through the maya, or the illusion of this world, which is created through the dance of subatomic particles and into a configuration of what you call matter.

Through the ascension process you realize that you are the creator of your experience of that which you call ‘the world.’ It does not mean that you leave this world, but it does mean that you have transcended it – while still being a part of it – for you see through the lens of perception that life is a movie that you are projecting.”

This appears to be a time of extreme separation of people all over the world. There are those who seek unity and peace and are on a spiritual path toward light and love. These humans are choosing in their own way to join the ascension. If they understand the magnetic changes and how they are affecting the KA or subtle body, this is a time for a movement upward in consciousness.

The challenge, however, will be to be consciously aware of this as the world plunges into what appears to be despair and trouble. The idea is to allow the activation of the KA body to move upward, even though many around us seem to be spiraling downward.

The Hathors said: “It is, essentially, a question of vibration, joined with expectation and belief. It is the union of these three that births the creative impulse for a new destiny.”

There is much more to this amazing message which is far too lengthy for us to pack into this one webpage story As a public service, however, and because we think it answers a lot of questions we have had since we began receiving similar messages from the Abba Father, we are posting the entire message as published by Tom Kenyon. Link HERE 

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