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Did His Job

Bush Was No Dummy – He Obviously Knew What He Was Doing

By James Donahue

During his presidency, George W. Bush was considered a national buffoon because of his apparent inability to pronounce words like nuclear correctly, his strange twisting of phrases so they came out absurdly wrong, and his inability to do much of anything right.

Bush not only was the subject of public jokes and cartoon humor, there was a myth that grew from the title of one of the many documentaries exposing the corruption occurring behind White House doors that Bush’s  aide, Karl Rove, bore the title of “Bush’s Brain.”

As we watched this man stumble his way through the presidency, constantly making improper or damaging decisions, there was a growing belief that Mr. Bush was just plain stupid. His history of drug and alcohol use was well known on the web, and there were rumors that during the last year of his failed tenure, he was hitting the bottle again.

So how dumb is he?

Dean Keith Simonton, professor of psychology at University of California at Davis, said Bush’s IQ probably ranges between 111.1 and 138.5, with an average of about 125. That places him above the general human average of about 110, but below average when compared to the IQ of his 41 predecessors.

Simonton’s findings are based on the president’s SAT scores and Harvard MBA, which shows that Bush’s IQ probably exceeds 115.

What this seems to mean is that Bush gave us the appearance of being a numbskull, but it may have been an act. When the truth is someday known, we may learn that Bush was the acting clown, the front man, whose foolishness, much like the silly character in Native American dances, was designed to capture the attention of the press and the nation while the magicians did their work behind the curtain.

In Bush’s case, the magicians were really organized criminals bent on cleaning out the cash register. They took billions right out from under our noses, and if we don’t take action soon, they will have gotten away with it.

While not the smartest cracker in the jar, Bush was no dummy. He always knew what he was doing and he did his job well. He will live out the rest of his life in luxury if we do not arrest him for his blatant criminal acts.

In case you are wondering, the only president in the Twentieth Century to score a lower IQ than Bush was Warren G. Harding, who tested between 107.8 and 139.9, with an average just below 124. President Grover Cleveland was a tad higher than Bush with an IQ range of 116.9 to 144.

The highest IQ in a past president was recorded by John Quincy Adams, who scored between 165 and 175, making him a genius. Einstein was said to have had an IQ of about 160.

And in case you are wondering, President Barack Obama appears to be right up there with Adams and Einstein. The Washington Post reported acquiring a certified copy of Obama’s Stanford-Banai IQ Certification, clocking his IQ at 172 and 166 respectively.

Voters chose well this time around. We needed a genius to get us out of the mess created by past Republican greed and incompetence. Now if our Republican legislators will just put politics aside and trust his judgment, Obama might be able to think a way out of what has become a global crisis.