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Evolving Children

The Star Children Are Under Attack

By James Donahue

There is a phenomenon going on that has been perplexing educators and spiritual leaders for years. Children with special psychic gifts and spiritual subconscious knowledge have been born to "ordinary" parents and taught by contemporary people who don't understand them.

We suspect that some dropped in earlier; possibly in the mid-1960s. Their existence among us marks what appears to be a sudden change in human DNA, and a clear jump in the evolutionary process. Their unexpected intelligence mixed with psychic abilities is frustrating our controlled social norm that wants all children and adults to fall in lock step with one another.

We can’t help noticing these special children. They are bright-eyed, more so than the others, and we often observe them gazing intently at us. Because we are seeing them, there seems to be a subconscious recognition that we, like them, share a common secret.

Educators began singling out these children early . . . creating a symptom for their nonconformity called "attention deficit disorder" and drugging them with medications designed to stupefy their overactive brains. The fact is, these special star children are so gifted they are bored with the public education system.

Authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober found a different descriptive name for the children in their book The Indigo Children, published in 1999. The name reflects the special aura radiating from their bodies. It is seen as a bluish-purple or indigo light.

Carroll and Tober identify an Indigo Child as a boy or girl displaying "a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before."

An essay by Keth Luke about what he calls the "Crystalline Children," on the web site: "Awakening-Healing News Letter of Light," notes that he believes the children are the old ones, returning at the end of time with a special purpose. "They carry to you rememberings of that which is . . . that which is the essence of being in the reality of the One. It is that these (children) who come to you in this way are emissaries of the ancient ways. They bring . . . a reality that to you seems to be one which is new. It is that this reality is of the Beginning. It is that these children carry the vibration that brings into harmony your world and the One."

It is indeed found that the new generation of children . . . and by now some young adults . . . appears to be an extraordinary circumstance. Carroll and Tober found in their research that the children are appearing all over the world, within all cultures.
They write that the phenomenon "has escaped mainstream attention due to the fact that it is just too 'weird' to consider in the paradigm of human psychology, which smugly considers humanity as a static unchanging model. As a rule, society tends to believe in evolution, but only in the past tense. The thought that we might be seeing a new human consciousness slowly arriving on the planet now - manifested in our children - goes way beyond established conservative thought."

Luke notes that the children are considered abnormal because they refuse to accept conventional educational standards, or even obey parental authority because they possess ancient knowledge and wisdom that reaches beyond the mindset of the adults with whom they are reared.
"It is that they come remembering that which you have forgotten," Luke wrote. "They have no patience for everyday smallness as it exists in your reality. . . it is that they are able to see what is truth within and around all things, and these children are not accepting untruths . . .

"These children are highly intuitive. They see all that is, and perceive all at once. They do not think within their mental structuring in linear form, but rather holographically. This type of thinking brings high intelligence. Their perceptive abilities are utilizing once dormant areas of brain matter that is coming alive with the genetic changes that are occurring at this time," Luke wrote.

The Kryon Quarterly Newsletter was addressing the phenomenon of the Indigo Children as early as 1989. A 1997 article by Lee Carroll suggests that the children are here to help humanity change its biology.

"This will be necessary to take us into the new millennium at a higher vibration, heading toward a time in the not too distant future where the planet will be given permission to change in a great way. With many humans in a vibration state that is much higher than we are experiencing now, the planet will be given permission to slowly evolve into a new dimension, and a new vibration of its own. Kryon isn't alone in this prediction, and you can find it not only in other current channels, but also in the calendars of the ancients."

This all sounds like pretty heady stuff for the average reader unaccustomed to New Age thought. Yet as odd as this may sound, when you consider the changes we are all noticing in the children, it is beginning to make a lot of sense. To learn about Indigo Children seems to lock all of the pieces of an old and very perplexing puzzle together.
With this knowledge also comes the realization of the horrors occurring within our midst. Not only did our educators and "child psychologists" try to numb these beautiful minds with brain killing drugs, now as we approach the zero hour, the possessed Christians are hunting them down and killing them.

You have been seeing the new rash of child killings  on your nightly television news. They appear to be sexual molestation issues . . . but we believe the killings are a last-ditch kamikaze-like attack on children who will soon rise up as a powerful enemy of organized religion.

Notice two facts about the new child killings: 1.) the victims are bright intelligent children, and 2.) the killer, when caught, is often a respected member of the community and a member of a local church.

This is possession of the worst kind.
We concede that some of the killers may not be Christian. Rather they were motivated to kill the child because they, like the Christian, "can not tolerate the innocence and light of these very special children of the New Aeon."

That these children are among us, and quickly moving into adulthood and positions of leadership, should be a comforting thought as The United States begins a new era under a young new President who may, himself, be an Indigo Child.