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The God Factor

The Power Of The Mind

By James Donahue

The amazing discovery of what world physicists at the Large Hadron Collider project in Switzerland are calling the "god particle," or Higgs Bosom, may soon topple the archaic human images of the Creator of everything. Instead of a mighty grandfather figure looking down at us from behind the clouds, the "God" humans have been worshipping for thousands of years is turning out to be a particle so tiny that it took the construction of a 17-mile long multi-billion dollar machine to find it.

Identified by the team at the CERN site as the "glue" that makes it possible for matter to have mass, the illusive particle is sited by physicists as the reason we and all of the objects around us, including the Earth under our feet exist.

At least, we have the illusion of personal existence even though we are comprised of active energy within atomic particles that contain mostly empty space. As physicists explored deeper and deeper into that strange world of micro-particles over the years, they began to wonder how or why anything solid could exist at all. This is why they had to build that massive machine in a united global effort to find some answers.

Until it was found to be true, the very existence of the Higgs Bosom, or "god particle," was only a theory presented by Peter Higgs in a paper published in 1964. To prove the theory scientists built what has been described as the largest machine in the world, designed to smash particles together at speeds approaching the speed of light, and in extreme sub-zero degree temperatures, to simulate another theory of how everything came into existence . . . the Big Bang.

Does all of this disprove the existence of God? We think not, but it changes the way we should perceive this energy of creation. There is an obvious energy and intelligence here, but it appears to encompass every cell, every atom and every particle in existence. In other words, the Creator exists within everything, including ourselves.

That we possess large complex brains that work like super computers, with tiny electric pulses flashing with each thought, physical impulse and emotional response, and that we were given the power of reason, communication and free will, strongly suggests that our purpose here was to be the voices of the Creator. The God perceives Himself through us because He exists within us. And if the Creator exists within us, our minds have the power to create the environment we collectively choose.

So if this is true, why have we allowed the world around us to fall into such disrepair? Why have we become slaves to a system that controls our every action and keeps us living in continual fear? It appears that we have forgotten who we are. And we have been constantly fooled by controlling forces to believe that we are decrepit, sinful creatures who must crawl on our faces before the angry grandfather god figure to beg his forgiveness and blessings. And because we cannot live up to the strict standards of a sinless life as described by the world religious leadership and their books of lies, we are led to believe that we are something less than we really are. We are programmed to think that we must crawl like worms to achieve "redemption" so that we are not condemned to the threat of an eternity of extreme punishment after we die. Sadly we also live in continual fear of death.

We have fallen victim to the worst deception ever contrived against humanity. Now it is time for us all to wake up, to expose the liars, repair our world and go through the next phase of human evolution. It is time we recognize ourselves for the grand and eternal beings that we were created to be. We are not slaves. We are all kings and queens, and we should be walking this planet with the dignity we deserve, and be treating one another with the love and kindness that will surely fix the social disaster we have endured for so long.

It all involves the power of the mind. We are what we think we are. If we collectively agree that we are the supreme beings that we have always been, then there is nothing we cannot achieve.