Warehouse G

Disruption Everywhere

The Transition Has Begun

By James Donahue

If you have been acutely aware of the events going on in the world, and have had the wisdom to peer beyond the information fed to us by the television talking heads you know that this planet . . . this society . . .is experiencing changes unlike anything known in human history.

The extreme weather; the great storms, heat waves, droughts and floods are becoming so dramatic the news anchors can’t avoid reporting about them. NBC Anchor Brian Williams rarely lets a day pass when he does not include a weather story in his nightly half-hour news report. While Williams’ reports are getting close to stating it, there is a general unwillingness on the part of reporters, even the so-called professional "meteorologists" who spend their lives studying weather events to tell us the truth. They are watching dramatic changes occurring, they believe the cause may be man-made, but they are afraid to state the obvious. The owners of the big broadcasting networks and the paying sponsors of the shows represent big business interests are still insisting that "global warming" does not exist. They want people to believe that the storms, while unfortunate, are normal and that they happen from time-to-time. They go back into history to recall similar storms that occurred decades, if not centuries in the past to make their point.

The earthquake clusters all over the world . . . some in places that have never experienced quakes in recorded history, also are a sign that the Mother Earth is in a state of dramatic transition.

Even the Sun and the planets in our solar system, and the galaxies that we see through our powerful telescopes are beginning to act strangely. The Sun is spewing violent bursts of energy in all directions. The planets appear to be reacting to unseen forces.

There is social unrest on Earth unlike anything we have ever experienced. It is not just occurring in Syria, Egypt and Libya, but on the streets of London, New York, Moscow, Los Angeles and places all around the globe. It involves a struggle for equality. It is a revolution that reaches into the very core of human existence. The masses that have remained enslaved to the ruling class for thousands of years are rising up and demanding change. They are doing this sometimes at the cost of their lives because they are meeting stiff resistance from heavily armed and uniformed police and military personnel.

There is a general awakening, mostly among the younger people in the world, who are turning away from established ancient religious systems. A poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently found that people in their late teens to early 30s are abandoning formal religion. At least one in four adults under 30 describe themselves as atheist, agnostic or having no religion, and 65 percent do not attend any kind of religious worship service. Instead, they are seeking new spiritual pathways and discovering that the god they seek exists within. In this discovery they are coming to an understanding of the popular axiom that "we are all one." And it is true. We exist as a part of the whole of everything we can see, feel and touch.

Scientists have been using newer and more powerful tools to peer farther out into deep space and deeper and deeper into the micro-spaces of the cells and atoms that comprise all things on Earth and are discovering that there is a vast and seemingly unending void that exists in both directions. They are also finding that everything we perceive as solid is really mostly empty space, and the things that we think are lifeless objects are filled with the same active atomic networks that comprise our own bodies.

These discoveries are leading to a growing philosophical belief that everything we perceive is only a creation of the mind. The chair we sit on exists because we believe that it is real. Even our own bodies are an advanced form of hologram that holds us glued to this imaginary planet in this three-dimensional existence because we all believe these things are real. This is the power of our minds working collectively. Thus we are all gods who possess the power of creation, but we have been cleverly fooled into thinking otherwise.

There is a growing intelligence in the children now coming into the world. We are observing more and more reports of child prodigies who excel in the arts and pure intellect. Heidi Hankins, a four-year-old toddler in Winchester, England, recently was accepted as the youngest member of the highest IQ society Mensa after she tested with an intelligence level of 159, only one point below that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Mixed in among the children of the world are very special arrivals. They are the Old Ones, the ancients that once ruled over this planet and who have been keeping watch over us for thousands of years. Now, in a last-ditch effort to save us from our own follies, they are returning by the thousands. Many have been here long enough to have grown to be adults. These are the hope of the future. If mankind is going to have a chance of survival, and if there is going to be a chance to repair the Mother Earth, it appears to rest on the shoulders of these special children. We humans have demonstrated our inability to learn the errors of the past and we are repeating them over and over again. We have been stuck on an old treadmill, created by the old religious systems and human greed, and we cannot seem to find our way out of the state of ruination we appear to be rushing toward.