Warehouse G

The Call For Silence

Connecting With The God Within

By James Donahue

There are various theories about just how the Creator is connected to us. Some say that we are all a part of the whole, which is everything in creation. Others believe God lives within us in the form of what we have defined as the soul. Others say the soul exists just outside of our bodies, just over our heads, and must be invited in before we can become the whole beings we were designed to become.

In a recent session with The Abba Father, my wife and I were told that this "voice" exists within every human and can be reached through a form of silent meditation. But he said most people fail to access this energy, or even know that it exists because our minds are filled with minutia.

The Abba Father said, however, that it will be important for us to learn this way of contacting the "inner self" at this time to help guide us through the troubled times that lie ahead. His instructions: "Keep your mind clear and focus on the important wisdom you all can call upon to help you. This will become an important tool during the coming events so access this now."

To achieve this the instructions were: "Clear first. Silence your thoughts. Be still. Ask for wisdom to come here and you will see and feel the process come to you. Everyone can access this way. No one is excluded."

It appears that the God humans have sought for thousands of years . . . the God they have devised all kinds of spells, incantations and blood sacrifices to communicate with, has been with us all along. There is no longer a need for a pope, a priest, a pastor or any of the other "holy men" of the various cultures to intercede on our behalf. That was perhaps for an earlier time when humans, in a more primitive state, did not understand their power. Now it is time for us to wake up and allow the power within us to lead us out of the quagmire we have manufactured for ourselves.

We remained enslaved for so long, and were convinced by religious dogma that we were sinful creatures forced to crawl before an invented invisible external god to avoid an eternity in hell, that we were skillfully prevented from discovering the power within. Now the secret is exposed. It is time for us to wake up and take control of our lives and our world.

The secret is to find a quiet place, to learn to still our minds, and simply call upon the power within for the help we must have.This is not a new idea. It is called meditation.