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The Sin Myth

Ye Shall Be As God

By James Donahue

"For God doeth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as God.." (Gen 3:5)

The story of how the evil Satan disguised himself as a beautiful serpent that tempted Eve into disobeying God and eating of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the root of the false doctrine upon which Christianity has been built.

The story is a powerful distortion of our true origins, and cleverly told so as to promote the following mythology:

--That the "archangel" Lucifer is a lying tempter that rules over the world outside the garden. This tempter now called Satan seeks to capture the souls of humans and prevent their return to the light, or "Heaven," after death. It is the root of the doctrine of fear that permeates all religious belief systems.

--That Lucifer caused the woman to fall into sin first and thus caused Adam and all of their descendants to be genetically perverted. Thus all of mankind is consequently "born into sin." The only way for us to escape and achieve salvation is to submit to the will of the "savior" or third party representing the great Creator God. It is the root of religious control and human slavery.

--That this "savior" in the form of a god-man would arrive and offer a way of escape from our sinful state. That savior is still being awaited by the Jews. The Christians believe he was Jesus Christ. Only by total submission to this savior figure can we expect to return to the spiritual existence we knew before we were born to bodies on this planet. This is the root of a mind block that prevents religious followers from seeking the true spiritual path.

--That the blame for this mess lies on the shoulders of the woman. For this she is forever punished by being made subservient to men. The perversion that has resulted from this ugly doctrine alone has taken many religious groups down strange and twisted pathways. It is the foundation of male dominance over women all over the world.

Most of this doctrine is skillfully packaged within the 24 verses that comprise the Third Chapter of the Book of Genesis.

The drama begins in Chapter Two, verses 16 and 17, when God tells "the man" that he is free to eat all of the fruit found in the garden except that from one tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Thus the line is drawn in the sand. The subtle temptation is established. What child exists that would not fall victim to a challenge like that? "You can go anywhere in the castle except for one room. Do not, under any circumstances, open this particular door. If you do it, something horrible will happen. You will surely die."

We might resist for a while, but we all know that eventually, our curiosity will get the best of us. The mystery door would pry on our thoughts. The day would come when we would surely open the door, if only to grasp a brief glimpse of the mystery that lies on the other side.

The analogy is exactly the same in the Genesis story. How could anybody expect a thinking human with free will to resist such a challenge? The day was sure to come when either Adam or Eve would touch, smell, carefully examine, and eventually bite of that forbidden fruit. Once Eve submitted, it did not take Adam long to follow her. Considering the possibility that this silly story might have ever happened, they both had been thinking about it long before they acted.

The story, of course, is a concept and laden with symbolism. There never was an event like this.

The truth lies deeply embedded in subconscious knowledge. Some refer to this as occult. The word occult means secret, or hidden, and not something wicked as religious groups would prescribe. The facts and the people who understand them have been driven into hiding by the power of religious-controlled governments.

The Garden of Eden is the Planet Earth in its original state.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is a reference to the Tree of Life, or the positions of the ten sephiroth, or personal lights (chakras) within our bodies that form a spiritual microcosm of the universe. The image of the serpent is a direct reference to the DNA coil that sets us apart from the beasts of the Earth.

That we were made in the image of the Creator fits in perfectly with this story. That we have the light of the Creator existing within us, and were created with the gift of free will has always given us the ability to "see" and even manifest the universe around us. Thus we are like gods. It was the Creator’s gift from the beginning, and it was never caused by a disobedient act committed by our ancestors.

While we evolved from primates, something magical happened within our DNA code that caused us to evolve quickly from animal to man. It was a slow process, but as we became aware and our bicameral brains developed, we have been growing to a higher state of consciousness. For help go to thetahealingbenefits.com.

But we have been trapped for too long in the old religious dogmas. It is time for us to turn away from organized ancient religious belief systems and learn to make direct contact with the Creator.